Thursday, April 22, 2010

A teatime treat

Two bentos in one day?? I must really be super bored. Or the only other reason would be that I am inspired checking out my regular blogs and seeing lots of creations, and through them, have discovered a few more really good ones.

I really love Lia Chen's bento blog and can't stop admiring the beautiful kawaii stuff that she has. Even the egg beater and measuring cups are super cute!

I wish to join this contest which I discovered through Angeleyes, but it's not happening as I am short of fruits and vegetables in my fridge and am not inspired to come up with a garden-themed bento pronto. The contest ends tomorrow. Let's see if I'm up to it then. ;P

Lunch was a bit of a rush and didn't seem enough, so I decided to create a teatime treat for the princess. It is basically a nutella cum peanut butter (Yes! She is finally eating peanut butter! My first experiment failed and she requested to try the crunchy version and she loves it!) sandwich, decorated with Mocha and dark clouds. Yes, the sky is dark again, as it is every afternoon around this time that it begins to storm. The apple became a Japanese lady by accident. I tried to create some design on it but somehow nothing came out of it, and I haven't got much patience cutting shapes out of apple skin. I decided to half the apple and put one on top of the other, and that's how it came about. All she needed were eyes, nose and a mouth. :) The sausages were a special request due to last week's theme on Pets Society (Japanese week), and thus she (princess) exclaimed that I hadn't done one in a long while. Whilst the one in Pets Society (a Facebook game) had a piece of seaweed round the octopus' head, I didn't give him one in mine as I am rushing to prepare my steamboat dinner for this evening. :)


Shazz said...

So cute!!!!!!!

Shazz said...

So cute!!!!!!!

SIG said...

He he thanks!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Your Japanese lady turned out to be so cute! You are very creative!

Beau Lotus said...

God, if you don't have patience nor time, then those words must not exist in my vocab!

Those apples and sausages are so super cute.

SIG said...

Tks lcom.

Hahaha Beau - You are one super busy mum, don't think you have time for such nonsense. :D