Monday, April 12, 2010

Chilli's, Resort World Sentosa

We spent a fun-filled week with sis and on one of those days, it being a Friday, we decided to catch a movie after the girl got home from school. And since we were at Vivo City, I suggested visiting Resort World and having dinner at Chilli's. I was told by a friend that the food served there was too salty so I told myself to steer clear of the items that she ordered on her visit there. Unfortunately that was the only restaurant I knew that existed there, and I did want to take sis and mum to Resort World.

It rained the entire afternoon and stopped just in time for us to make our way to Sentosa. However, while waiting for our food to be served, the rain started again and the downpour was so great we saw from our seat by the window, people scurrying everywhere, trying to get out of the rain. It didn't dampen their spirits though, as there were many more people milling about, being entertained by stilt walkers, probably from Universal Studios. I regret not having taken photos of the heavy downpour but it showed how badly designed the shelters were at Resort World. They are meant to be covers to keep out the rain, but in this case, the covers themselves were letting rain in.

I love the lampshades as well as this little guy on a propeller suspended from the ceiling. But most of all, I love the tables! Aren't the tiles gorgeous?

Time to check out the menu!

Ok, this is me! I feel like I'm on some quest to find the best melt-in-the mouth and moist ribs on this island.

Beer for the hubby and some electric blue blast slushy drink for the kid, from the children's set meal. I opted for a fruit punch.

No paparazzi please!

Kids' pasta came with fries.

Sis went for a prawn pasta dish.

Hubby surprised me by ordering a salad dish. He usually goes for burgers. :P

Mum had the pulled pork sandwich which she said was salty, but yummy.

This is my honey bbq ribs with a side of mash topped with cheese, bacon, and chives. Verdict - I still prefer the Brewerkz one.

All of us females were stuffed by the time we were done with dinner but hubby went for the dessert. I didn't check the name of this but it is a cake with chocolate chips, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream and almond bits, drizzled with caramel/chocolate sauce which was overly sweet.


Angeleyes said...

Is the Chillies in SG 'non-halal'?? I still feel that food in Chillies is 100x better than food in TGIF. And in M'sia, kids eat for free when an adult order a main dish.

Talking about baby back ribs.... *slurp*! I miss the ribs buffet at Breeks loooooooooooooooong time ago. They scraped the buffet I think and they turned 'halal' too if I'm not wrong.

SIG said...

Angeleyes - Don't think it's halal since they serve ribs, but in sg kids don't eat for free. TGIF was the worst of all the ribs I've tasted.

HK Choo said...

I agree with Angeleyes, Chili's serves better food than TGI Friday, but in terms of service, I prefer the latter, at least that's what it's like over here. I think in both outlets also kids get to eat for free per each adult's order of main course.

We only get beef ribs, no choice :(

Shazz said...

Pasta was pretty disappointing but not surprising since it's an "american" restaurant. The garlic bread was very yummy though.