Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Welcome to Dublin - 23 May

Having been without a pc or any form of access to the internet the last few days, we got up this morning and started trying to transfer photos to hubby’s thumb drive. It wasn’t successful at all as the pc was way too slow. We needed to get some other device to do that.

The weather was really dreary, reminding you that you are in Dublin. The rain came down not long after and it made the morning gloomy. However, it cleared around lunch time and the sun came out. It wasn’t so bad after all.
Fil had constructed a lovely deck at the back of the house and we bought some things for the garden for granny from Daiso, so princess was looking forward to watering the plants and doing some gardening. It was a perfect day for doing those. We even had a lunch of sandwiches on the decking before we went out. Granny had bought a little pink tent for her and granddad helped set it up. Princess was then left to spend the afternoon in the garden with granny and they had fun.

Here's princess having a go on the lawnmower with granddad. Wheee...

Fil drove us nearby to Navan (a 1/2 hr ride really, but for a city girl like me, 1/2 an hour can take me to 1/2 of Singapore) and we did a bit of shopping there. We got the device for transferring the photos so glad that was sorted.

I bought some lovely strawberries for princess (in season), and they were very sweet. I still like the Korean strawberries though, as they are firmer.

For dinner, they decided to order in some Chinese. After going through the whole long menu, I decided on Kung Po chicken. When we came home with them, I opened up the box to be greeted with nothing that looked like Kung Po, even though the picture on the menu showed it. Ooops, but that menu belonged to another restaurant, I remember now. Fil had said that they had the same food so just use that as a guide. Maybe that’s why.

Today was basically a take-it-slow one for us. I believe much of our stay here will be like this. More for rest than anything else. Both fil n mil are off work for 3weeks so they’d be pretty much at home and taking us to the zoo etc.

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