Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Horseriding - 24 May

Princess had a sudden high fever last night while she was sleeping. I don’t know what happened but 2hrs after she fell asleep, I felt that she was very warm. Took her temp and it registered 40.2deg C! Gave her a suppository and her fever went down.

I made a fry for breakkie today of sausages, eggs, mushrooms, and tomatoes, and some black pudding for hubby. I would never touch that stuff myself as I have never eaten pig's blood and don't intend to ever, and that's what black puddings are made of.

Today was the day that her Aunt L was taking her for horseriding lessons. Hubby was a bit unsure about letting her go for it because of her fever at night. But poor girl was so looking forward to it, and even Aunt L too. She had booked her for the 3pm class and had bought her a pair of leather boots, a helmet, and jogphurs. She was all professionally kit out. We got there 10mins before class started and managed to catch Aunt L jumping.

The class began on time and the instructor had picked out a white pony called ‘Willow’ for princess. After going a few rounds around the arena, princess was taught to trot. I missed her trotting as it was freezing cold out, despite the sunshine so hubby sent me to the car to use the laptop. Also because there was a better connection for the internet there, away from the home.
We left little one with Aunt L towards the end of the lesson, and went to collect mil from work. That was an hour’s journey from where they lived. Didn’t realize that hubby had arranged to meet his friend in the Square. After sitting and chatting with them, we got up to go walk around the shops, and realised that they were all closing. I was pretty mad with him as if I had known, I wouldn’t have sat in the car for an hour to get there for nothing. The car rides this trip are a bit uncomfortable and I don’t feel good going distances. I think it’s because the weather is not as cold as in winter and fil loves to put the heating on during the journeys. It feels stuffy sitting in it and I feel unwell. I often wind down the windows to let the cold air in.

This evening, mil came home from work and made a quick dinner with ready seasoned chicken parts, potatoes, garlic bread and ready salad. Princess wouldn’t touch a thing. Meats and potatoes aren’t her thing. So she had just two pieces of garlic bread.

It’s really weird going to sleep here at night when it’s still bright out. The sun goes to sleep at 10pm plus and wakes maybe 3-4am. But thankfully princess has been sleeping around 8plus on most nights.

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