Saturday, May 31, 2008

Bouncy Castle - 31 May

I haven't been blogging much last couple of days, as there's basically nothing much to blog about. We haven't been up to much.

There's nothing to sightsee and like hubby says, Ireland is not as interesting as Paris. There's lots of greenery, fields etc, but as the in-laws do not live in the city, and that's where most of the touristy things are, there's nothing really to sightsee here. Besides, this is home and this is where hubby grew up, so he's not into touristy things.

However, I realize that family and close friends have been following us on our travels so I will try to update as often as I can.

I made beef steak for dinner the night before. Err, the middle was rather rare, and both hubby and mil likes theirs well-done, so that wasn't very well-received. But hubby said he'd eat it for my sake. Hehehe!

The sun has been shining very brightly here yesterday and today. We hope for good weather tomorrow too, reason being we are having a party in the late afternoon. Granny ordered a bouncy castle for princess for the weekend and we spent yesterday eagerly anticipating its arrival, which actually only happened around dinner time. Granny made the house spotless in the earlier half of the day while the guys were out at golf, again, and when they got home after a 4-hr game, we spent most of the afternoon in the garden, mowing the lawn, playing football, and fil was cleaning out the fountain. It was my first time on a lawnmower and it was kind of fun, giving me the chance to practise my driving again, hahaha!

How do you think I did? :D

The bouncy castle. It's enormous, haha. That'll keep the kids entertained tomorrow.

Since we got here, it's been lots of chips for dinner. So as you can see from my meals that other than a different meat each evening, the salad and carbo are the same. :( I hope to bring to you more different foodstuff at tomorrow's gathering. :P

We had chicken kiev last night.


Jori said...

Nice straight rows with the lawn tractor! Looks like it was done by a professional. ;o)

Sounds like you guys are having a great trip.

Peony said...

looks like u and your family having a great time there with your inlaws.

it's lovely for your daughter to roam in the garden.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Man, the yard is huge! My elder girl loves bouncer too but little one is still afraid of it. Awaiting your party pictures!

Beau Lotus said...

Wah can't believe they have a bouncing castle!!! How many grandchildren do your in-laws have, man!

Meanwhile we eat our beef rare in the family so your steak looks just great to me!

Mochachocolata Rita said...

I love your steak dinner and my mouth waters at the sight on the chunky chips....gimme gimme gimme

singairishgirl said...

jori - Gee, thanks. *blush* :D

peony - Totally! Back in sgp, she's confined to four walls basically. Here, she gets to run in the garden every day and play football with her daddy.

lcom - Haha, I wish I could update but hubby's gone and misplaced his thumby thingy for transferring photos. :(

beau - Err... one?? One and only grandchild on both sides. Oh great that you'll eat my beef. ;P

rita - Hahaha, please help yourself to as much as you like. :)

Cranberry said...

Wow lovely steak you have made! yummy! was tat u in that lawnmower? you did it very well:)