Saturday, May 24, 2008


We left via the new Terminal 3, Changi Airport. I loved it. It was firstly, spanking new, as it was only open in January 2008, and I also liked the design aspect of it. We had gone to visit it before we left, just to have a feel of it. The concept is very open, allowing people to look in to the restricted area and likewise for us, we got to see grandpa who was upstairs looking down on us. What we took for granted was the time needed to get to the gates, especially since it was bigger than T2. However, we made it in the nick of time.

While I was leaving for Paris, a certain pal was arriving through Singapore on her way to London & Paris. Unfortunately our paths did not cross, and we only managed to speak on the phone for a very short while. How sad. And also, on the day I left Paris was the day she was supposed to have arrived there. I’m sure there’ll be more opportunities to meet up later on.

The flight was delayed approximately an hour. I thought it was unusually busy for a midday flight, weird. So, as there was lots of air traffic, we had to wait our turn. On board the flight were two cabin crew friends. No no, don’t get me wrong. I am not an ex-cabin crew. It’s just these friends were from school days, and church and I’ve not seen them in ages. No special treatment, although there was an offer of champagne but I would much have rather been offered a seat in J-class or P-class. ;P

We finally arrived in Paris after over 13hrs of flight. The flight itself was alright, quite smooth-sailing, and since it was the A777, it was reasonably comfy, with a big tv monitor and lots of movies and games. Princess slept for approx 3hrs as it was rather noisy with a little child crying more than half the time we were in the air. So annoying! And there were many little ones on board, just this particular one who wouldn’t stop fussing.

The meals on board were nothing to shout about. Rice little bit soggy etc. Besides, it was not well-planned as we didn’t have any dinner. It was just a lunch after we took off and many hours later, a light meal prior to landing.

Princesses’ meals on board.

First meal was omelette-wrapped rice or Omu Rice with chicken nuggets, Ribena, and a lovely chocolate mousse cake. I should have ordered the child meal for myself if I had known the food was that horrible. Hehe.

The second meal was a burger with chicken patty that wasn't bad either. My chicken in cream sauce turned out yucky. I couldn't eat it at all and thus had the burger which princess wasn't keen on. Hubby had her dessert.

Our meals.

Time for dessert - Crunch ice-cream bars. At least they couldn't get this dish wrong. I remember Jo and I used to love the desserts they served on board SQ and we would often save the best for last, slowly savouring it.

We were almost late for our shuttle bus to our hotel in the Opera area as our flight got in late. If not for the helpful info desk staff who was very nice and helped us make the call to the shuttle service, we might have had problems getting to the hotel for a much-deserved rest.

The hotel room was tiny, and so was the toilet and the lift. Reminds me of the days when I went travelling with friend Jo. We had a laugh the first time we went to Europe and had to squeeze in the lift with our luggage. You’d really need to be an acrobat to manoeuver your way around the tiny toilet as well. And with my far from petite frame, I didn’t enjoy it one bit. Hubby even dropped two towels into the toilet bowl on different occasions as the towel rack was right above the toilet seat. That was funny. :D

So, all in, that rounds up our first day of travel. Stay tuned for more. I hope to be able to give regular updates as and when I get the chance. Also, I might not be able to reply to comments but I do miss you all and my blogging. Photos are tough to upload at the moment due to the inhabitations of our current situation here in Ireland, such as slow pc and slow internet connection, and worse, not able to transfer our photos to the thumb drive. We’ve taken thousands of photos so much so by our 4th day, our SD cards were full. That is a total of 3gb memory! Thankfully FIL had a spare 1gb which we were able to borrow instead of having had to purchase the one in Disneyland.

Note: Photos will be loaded later. Come back for them. ;)

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