Thursday, May 29, 2008

Guys at golf - 26 May

We are stuck at home today as fil and hubby have gone out to play golf. The plan was that they would go early, and they did leave at 7am plus, and then come home and pick us to go to the zoo. But it’s almost 1pm now and they are not back. The zoo closes at 6pm and it takes us over an hour to get that. Forget that now!

I spent the morning cooking pasta sauce for dear princess as it’s a bit upsetting that she is not eating well. We picked up some groceries from the supermarket yesterday so that I could prepare and freeze some sauce for during the week. Managed to do like 5 portions of bolognaise sauce and couldn’t do more as there are no more containers. Hope I can pick up some maybe tomorrow. Beef is so cheap here and what I paid €3.49 for here, I think I’d pay almost S$20 back in SGP.

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