Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Disneyland Day 1 - 20 May

The breakfast at Dream Castle wasn’t great. I enjoyed the one at Hauteville Opera more. Over here, even the croissants weren’t nice. The scrambled eggs were much too watery and hubby said they looked like puke. Scrambled eggs on the first day were much too salty. Second day was fine. Not much consistency there. Also on the 3rd day, the orange juice was watered down a lot.

We made an early start to the Park, catching the shuttle bus from our hotel at 9.20am and got there in 10mins. We were surprised that the Park was actually open and people were already entering it. There were no regrets at all purchasing our tickets beforehand at the hotel’s reception as it definitely saved us time queuing up to buy them. We joined the first queue we saw which was for the railway that took us round the Park. This ride started at 10am and we got off at Fantasyland to catch the princesses at the Meet and Greet sessions. We picked up an autograph book on the way, together with a pen for the characters we met to sign in it. We spied Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) & Prince Philip having a performance behind Belle’s castle. It wasn’t very well-organised, no proper queue for the kids to get into, to get to meet and take photos with the characters. Everyone was just pushing their way through. Pity those kids who are not used to rushing and pushing, just like mine. And also a couple others. The problem was that all the other parents were also in there, so hubby had to make his way in or she’d not have had an autograph.

We went round the front of the castle and found Snow White on a stage with a long queue below. We joined that one while Granny joined the one for Pooh. We wasted over an hour on those queues, but at least managed to get some nice photos taken.

The rides we managed to go on, and I do recommend, were Peter Pan’s Flight; The twirling teacups (not sure of the name); Dumbo, flying elephant; It’s a small world.

We proceeded to lunch afterwards at a pizzeria. We had Mickey-shaped pizza, pasta, etc. Fastfood is costly here in Europe and at Disney, it’s worse. Not worth what we paid for.
After lunch, hubby, fil, and princess went to ride on the Pirates of the Caribbean. We also did Buzz Lightyear, which was my most favourite ride. I’ve done the Big Thunder Mountain twice, once in Eurodisney and the 2nd time in Disneyland , LA, so I skipped this time. Hubby, fil, and princess went on it, with me assuring them it was fine. When they came out, it was all complains; fil feeling sick and princess saying it was really scary. I remembered it to be thrilling and my dad had no problems with that ride, so didn’t expect fil to feel sick in the tummy. Hahaha! Gotcha y’all!

We caught a few other characters on the way, such as Eeyore and Chip ‘n’ Dale.

The parade is the highlight of the Park and we got to the trail of the parade an hour before it was due and sat on the sides. The weather in Disney was really hot and the sun bright and shining. I got a tan that afternoon. Face is all dark now and the bottom half of my arms not covered. Got a yucky two tone arm now.

We were exhausted by the time the parade was over. Went to check out the photos taken at the Meet and Greet sessions and then went back to the hotel. Had the buffet dinner there which was ‘French’ that evening. It didn’t matter as I was too tired to go out to the Disney Village again. The food was ok, not fantastic or anything. I didn’t even bother snapping photos of them. It cost us €29 (adult) and €15 (child).

End of Disneyland day 1.


Karen said...

OOoooOOOOOOO I did Big Thunder Mountain too with my grandma and I LOVED IT!! Can you imagine my grandma sitting in it? I vividly recall my laughing with my mouth wide opened and saliva coming out of it EEEEEEE Hehehehe..... Glad you had good memories of it, sorry Princess didn't really like it.

Maya Yunos said...

Oh wow! This really brought out E child in me! Thanks for sharing such wonderful pics. Cont having fun! :D

Sue Sue said...

After I read you Disneyland post I went to my store room to dig out the photos I took when I am in Disneyland and shown it to my girl. Wah, now she has been pestering me she wanna go too. Ok, maybe Disneyland HK is our next plan. Hahaha

singairishgirl said...

karen - Haha, your sweet Mama. How old was she when she went? All I remember about that ride was that I screamed my lungs out. Hehe.

maya - Glad it brought back your childhood. :)

sue sue - Woule you believe it was the same for my girl when I showed her my past photos? Hahaha. Sometimes we just ask for it, don't we? But I never outgrow Disney, never!