Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sunday Outing - 25 May

We spent the first half of the day watching tv etc. Then we were taken to Mullagh to have lunch at a hotel there. Mil told me that they have a cooking school here and it's a place co-owned or owned by an American. It was a lovely place and we all ordered the set lunch. They did half portions for kids too, which was great. I wasn’t too sure about the choice of food though as little princess isn’t big on meats and potatoes, as if I can’t emphasize on that enough. :P Ireland sure isn’t the place for this Irish girl where food is concerned. She’d be much more comfortable in Italy or Japan. Those are her 2 favourite choice of cuisine. Everyone ordered the potato and leek soup, but I ordered the melon and seasonal fruits platter. I ordered the kids’ portion soup for princess because I wasn’t sure if she’d have any. Soups are another thing that she likes, and I guess once the potatoes are mashed beyond recognition and watered down, she’d be ok enough with that. So she had that with a bread roll and the remaining half of the fruit salad, which I had ordered for her sake. She’s big on fruits. For the main course, mil n I had the grilled salmon fillet which was lovely on a bed of yummy mash spuds, plus some french beans which were delicious. Hubby and princess had turkey and ham with stuffing but princess wouldn’t even touch it so daddy had to eat that, san the mash of course. Fil had a roast beef which he said was paper thin and didn’t fill him up. For dessert, we all had warm apple and rhubarb crumble, except princess who chose the chocolate chip ice-cream sandwich. I had wanted to order the flourless chocolate cake for variety but decided against it because of the almond or whatever nut meal they would have used as replacement for flour. Didn’t want to experience unnecessary pains in the joints. I’m having pains as it is in my fingers in the mornings due to the cold and am not about to make them worse.

A must-have for the Irish guy - Guinness! When it is well-done, you can see a shamrock on the head of it, but not this one I didn't see any.

After lunch, it was off to feed the ducks and swans in the lake and have a go at the playground.

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