Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Disneyland Day 2 - 21 May

This morning, we got to the Park same time as yesterday. We got in and had planned to go direct to Fantasyland and meet Ariel (The little mermaid). I stopped one of the staff to ask exactly where we would find her. Disappointment! Ariel doesn’t have feet and she can’t walk! So other than at the parade, there was no way of meeting her. Also Jasmine, which was princess’ 2nd choice. There was no way of meeting them at all. If we were lucky, we could catch Jasmine in Frontierland but we decided not to bother. Instead she directed us to City Hall where we would be able to find out more about where the characters would be. I managed to get some info there and joined the first queue which we thought was for Minnie Mouse. We were the first in that queue, can you imagine?! Woohoo! But it turned out to be Mickey Mouse instead. Maybe I got my facts wrong, but anyway, we didn’t have to waste time waiting on this character. After having our pictures taken, we went further down the road and came across the queue for Minnie. It wasn’t that long, but even so, we were still waiting an hour and 10mins.

We did another round of Buzz Lightyear as granny didn’t do it the first time. We also did ‘It’s a small world’ again as hubby didn’t do videos of it the first round.

We left Disneyland Park and hopped over to Walt Disney Studios, all looking forward to riding the waves with Nemo and his gang. Unfortunately, the ride turned out to be like the Big Thunder Mountain so no one went on that. We did Aladdin’s flying carpet instead. And also Cars. We came across Meet and Greet sessions here which had such short queues it was a laugh that we spent so much time queuing in Disney Park. We saw Ratatouille but no photo with him as they switched characters before our turn. He was replaced by Emile. We took photos with Goofy & Pluto. There was also Mickey in casual gear. We saw Lilo, Chicken Little, and another character I can’t remember what it was now. We also saw the High School Musical group performing twice but of course, they weren’t the actual characters on the show. Princess got to dance along with them as well.

We didn’t finish a full day at these 2 parks today as we were pretty exhausted. Princess insisted on going back to the hotel.


Jori said...

You are far more patient than I am. I would have a hard time waiting in line for over an hour for anything. But, I can understand why - Princess must be so excited by this holiday.
What great memories for her.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Looks like a lot of fun you guys are having, not to say yummy dessert and snack! Enjoy your holidays!