Thursday, May 29, 2008

Blanchardstown - 27 May

The weather forecast for today was rain. :( That's why the guys went golfing yesterday and that's also why we chose to go to the mall today. Despite the sun, the winds have been very strong so it's usually cold when we're outside. My umbrella was being upturned most of the time I was using it.

I got a lovely little gift from fil. Some free spending €! 100 to be exact. Woohoo! He was given a giftcard for Brown Thomas but he says I can have it cos there wouldn't be anything for him in BT. :D Thanks dad!

Blanchardstown - my most favourite mall, where all the departmental stores I like are here. You don't need to travel almost 2hrs to get there. The most important shop of all is NEXT. I absolutely love all the childrens' clothings in there. I often go nuts, especially when princess was smaller and when they had sales, I'd be lugging bags of them. They have Zara look-a-like clothes and don't cost as dear as those in Zara. And I love all the fairy/angel stuff sewn onto jeans etc. The array of shoes is just crazy. You'd find something for every occasion, and in my case, for no occasion at all. ;P

I popped in to Body Shop to have a look for my White Musk talc. Ever since they discontinued this product, I've been like going crazy trying to stock up on them during their warehouse sales. I didn't expect to see them back on the shelves and said it to the saleslady. Would you believe, she says they brought it back 6 weeks ago and it's here to stay. That is fantastic!! Just wanted to let you White Musk fans out there know. They are really ex though. I paid €10.25 for one precious bottle.

As with all our trips, except for the last one, yes, you guessed it, princess has her awful cold sores again. Sigh. I wonder when she'll ever grow out of it.

By the time we got home from Blanchardstown, after a ride of one hour 45mins, I helped sil with preparation for dinner. She made Chicken Korma. And I find it very cute the way they have those instant rice packets which you boil in water and then drain them out before serving. My first encounter with them was 15yrs ago when I visited Germany. I thought it was so weird, but really ingenious.


daphne said...

i love white musk too! it must be the most popular scent in body shop. I didnt know they discontinued it!

Glad u r having fun! keep the posting up!

Wee Lip said...

Heya Deb, showed Li Wen your blog too... very very nice and fun! Sounds like you guys really enjoying yourselves! Wish i could taste the Guinness there *sob*..

singairishgirl said...

daphne - Really, you too?? I don't think they discontinued everything just the talc, how silly, right? Can you get in Perth?

wee lip - Haha, you also know how to leave comments ah. ;) Hehe. It was fun in Paris. Here, it's home, so... Hehe, ask J get you back a can of draft. ;)

karlsfoodie said...

hee.. like army food ration... LOL

and I bet u had a gd time shopping too!