Sunday, October 7, 2007

Lau Pa Sat

It was an extremely disappointing dinner. I mean, you take an overseas visitor to a well-known tourist place for dinner and the food sucks. What kind of an impression are we leaving the tourists with? Or is it the fact that our Singaporean palates are too pampered with plenty of good food? It's been donkey years since I last visited Lau Pa Sat, ok maybe around 8-9years ago when the in-laws first visited Singapore. I mean I don't remember the standard of food being so terrible then. Ok, the satay was pretty alright, and so was the white carrot cake. Other than that, the Mee Goreng (Indian syle fried noodles) and Indian Rojak were both horrible. The mee was super dry and the rojak had some items which were super hard and a fishcake which had gone bad (it tasted sour). Goodness knows how many days they've been sitting there. Horrid. Well, it's the last time I'm ever going to visit there. When we first arrived, it felt as though a swarm of bees were heading towards us. The touters were everywhere. Luckily, the others had arrived ahead of us and gotten a table. Or else we would have been bugged all the way. Uncle from Sydney wanted a simple plate of Tauhu Goreng and it turned out to be a Thai-style tauhu, not at all like the ordinary tauhu with peanut sauce that he was looking forward to.

Oh well, lesson learnt.


Kelly Mahoney said...

Too bad it was so disappointing. The chicken satays, if that's what those are, look pretty appetizing.

singairishgirl said...

Thanks kelly for dropping by. Oh yes, I do not recommend. If you do come our way, try Glutton Bay at the Esplanade.

daphne said...

I agree with you! the last time I went there, most of the stores were not open and the food was sub-standard. We can get better from Toa Payoh or Ang Mo Kio markets I think! Even Chinatown-the renovated place is better!

HK Choo said...

most touristy places are like that..lousy substandard food at cut-throat price

Peony said...

Lau Pa Sat is getting that bad ah? long time havent been there also.

I like Glutton Bay too, tho the hawker food is on the steep side and forever crowded. so wld drop by for supper only.

singairishgirl said...

daphne - Oh yes, sure, but you know foreigners like to go to lau pa sat. Agree that you can get much better food elsewhere, eg, old airport road food centre. ;)

hkchoo - Absolutely agree.

peony - Trust me it's bad. I much prefer Glutton Bay too. But as you said, the crowd gets crazy. I hate to have to wait ages for a table then wait for the food.