Monday, March 8, 2010

Salmon & Broccoli baked rice

If I am not wrong, this is my second attempt at baked rice. Here was my first. This second time round, I used shortgrain rice. I find that long grain ones tend to become soggy after absorbing all the liquid from the sauce. Shortgrain ones are more hardy.

I used a whole big slice of fresh salmon which I lightly panfried before tearing them into big chunks. Why? Because I was lazy to use the board and knife hahaha as it equates to more washing up.

Ingredients -

Cooked shortgrain rice
Broccoli which I slightly parboiled
strips of ham (added as an afterthought as can be seen :P)
shredded mozarella (lots of it)
cream of mushroom soup

Method -

1. Sweat onions in frying pan before adding garlic.

2. Add in capsicum and fry till half cooked.

3. Pour half a can of mushroom soup (I used Campbell's) and some water to thin the mixture. Add rice in and mix well. Season with salt and pepper. Turn off flame.

4. Scoop half the rice mixture into baking dish and place half broccoli and salmon over the top. Add another layer of rice and repeat earlier process. Top with ham and mozarella last. Put in over to bake till cheese browns and salmon is cooked. Serve hot.

I would add more water the next time I prepare this again. It was sufficient and hubby loved the dish, but I prefer it a bit wetter.


HK Choo said...

Nice nice nice...and healthy too. Must remember to bake mine with broccoli just like yours, more colourful and cheerful!

Shazz said...


Little Corner of Mine said...

Looks yummy, I like the use of salmon!

daphne said...

It has been TOO long since i tried baking rice! must try again!!!! thanks for reminding me!

SIG said...

daphne - Haha, do it this weekend!