Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bentos & sleepover

We had a little guest over at our house last weekend. I thought she was a very brave girl, having just come home from America and ending up in my home for a sleepover 2 days later. We were very pleased to have her for company. I had a great time taking care of and feeding her. She had no problems with eating. For their Saturday lunch, I made them a bento each. The girls requested for prata, so that's what went into their bento.

For A, I added a char siew bao which her grandma had brought over. Grandma was really nice as she made little flower agar agar for the girls. These were really refreshing for the hot days we were experiencing. Fast forward one week and we are awash in rain every day. I'm not complaining as I much prefer the wet than the haze anytime. In A's bento, I also added a chicken wiener from Ikea and some tomato ketchup.

For princess, I made some Japanese curry (super convenient) for her prata as she likes them with curry. She has basically the same food except for the char siew bao, but she was given some lettuce and tomatoes instead.

On another occasion, I made her this very healthy bento with furikake-flavoured rice and served it with Pikachu fishcakes, sliced tomatoes and strawberry/kyuri sticks. Oops, not forgetting 2 little pieces of wieners.


HK Choo said...

Wonderful bentos, make more to keep the inspiration coming. :D

The Pikachu fishcakes are such a cutie, oh man.

SIG said...

Nah, no inspiration. Every day so lazy now since Tuesday.