Friday, March 19, 2010

March Holidays

We are at the end of the March holidays and it has been a fabulous one! Spent 3 days at ballet helping the girls tie their buns, and just pottering about, lending a helping hand where help was needed. It was fun for us both, catching up with mums we seldom get to meet on a weekly basis, and the girl had lots of fun being an 'assistant' helper. She's been there for 3yrs now so she knows how to work things (such as the dvd player), and what to do (help girls polish shoes, sort out their character skirts) and she got to meet her many friends from other grades. But she also was helping herself constantly to all the sweets, biscuits, lollipops, marshmallows which were laid out on the tables for the examinees. I couldn't control her. Sob sob. So for three days, she just gorged on those. :( We're so happy and relieved that the exams are over. No more 3 times a week classes, meaning our Sundays are free now, and so are our Tuesday afternoons. Yippee!!

I'm glad for the break. She hasn't mentioned or thought about school or her classmates. I'm very happy that she's put it behind her. I also feel more at peace now. I do hope that when she goes back to school, she doesn't have to face the bullying again. Trying to look on the bright side. :)

Yesterday was a lovely afternoon spent meeting up with ex-Sec school friends. We went for the Swensen's 1-for-1 promotion and between us 3 kids n 3 adults, we spent $50. A real deal!

We had dinner at NYDC at Wheelock Place last evening as our original plan was to pick up a new Nintendo DS to replace her old one. However, after charging it up, it was working again so there was no need to buy a new one. We still went down town anyway and had dinner there.

Princess chose the snack bowl which held lovely crispy wedges with a soft centre, and some chicken nuggets.

Hubby opted for the ribeye which looked very lovely and the steak looked really moist.

I had a pasta dish called 'The prawn that got creamed'. What a cute name. However, I changed the sauce to suit my taste. Instead of the original full cream sauce, I requested for the chef to mix in some tomato sauce as I don't really like creamy pasta. The prawns were a letdown as they didn't taste all that fresh. Nothing to rave about this dish. It was just a tummy filler.

Dessert time!

Gummy yummy sundae was the princess' choice but she wanted only two scoops of ice-cream so we went for the mango/dark chocolate combination and requested for no whipped cream. There were supposed to be rainbow sprinkles over it but they must have forgotten them.

Hubby tried the Bailey's mudpie which was only so-so. You could hardly taste any Bailey's in it.

I am looking forward to today's plans. We are going to catch the movie 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' this afternoon before having dinner with some ex-neighbours cum primary school classmates. We also plan to take a ride down the Singapore River on the river boats and am sure the kids will love that. It's something that I've been wanting to do for the longest time and it's great that we have the chance to do that with friends from out of town.

Poor girl went on a cycling trip to the East Coast Parkway with her dad this morning but threw up not long after she started on her journey. I believe she drank too much milo before she left, or maybe she's not used to the cycling. But anyhow, they had fun and she's raring to go again tomorrow morning. I did not allow her to take part in sports for three months, especially in those where there's the possibility of breaking arms or legs as she was preparing for her exams. It's a rare break from ballet class tomorrow, so best to make full use of her day. Classes resume next Saturday so it's a great time to sit back and relax, and maybe, hopefully do some assessments haha. But my best bet is that that won't happen! :P

Will try to take photos of our dinner this evening, hopefully. ;)

Enjoy the weekend!


Sweet Jasmine said...

Hi, its been quite a while since I hv been over here. How's yr RA? Hope its still under control.
Have a nice weekend.

Little Corner of Mine said...

We have Spring break and you all have March holidays. I just hope the weather will be warmer and sunny so that I can take my girls out.

SIG said...

Enjoy your spring break, C. :D Hope you get lots of lovely sunshine!

SIG said...

Hi hi Jasmine, really nice of you to drop by. My RA is under control for now, as I am on a very ex drug called Arava. I have stopped steroids so that is a happy thing. :) How about yourself? :D

HK Choo said...


SIG said...

HK - Nah, is so-so.