Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Free Cone Day & Resorts World

Hubby informed us of the 'free cone day' by Ben & Jerry's which was held yesterday islandwide. It's an annual affair and even though I've known about it for a few years now, I have never gone for it. I hate long queues. Well, blame me for being in the 'fun' mood still, a spillover from the school holidays, so I decided to take the princess to Vivo after she came home from school. Needless to say, she was very excited about it. And while we were there, I had this sudden inspiration to hop across the island over to Sentosa to breathe in the Resorts World air. ;P

Despite the mega long queue @ B & J's, everything was handled so professionally and went so smoothly, that we got our cones within half an hour. They kept us occupied while we were waiting, by giving us word puzzles to fill out as part of a contest to win tickets to Vermont, USA. I managed to get most of the answers except the last two which were really tricky, thus I didn't bother to join the contest. I never have luck with them anyway. :(

When it came to our turn, princess chose the healthy mango sorbet while I opted for the new flavour called 'a cookie affair'. There were a total of about 5 flavours to choose from. I quite liked the flavour except that the ice-cream melted too quickly. Princess' one was ok. I had to eat real fast to prevent it from dripping all over my hand.

However, one thing put me off. While peeling off the paper from the cone, bits of paper were stuck and when I tried to remove them, I felt sticky glue all over the side of the cone which was really disgusting. It's the first time I've ever had problems with cone. Imagine if I had to pay for it. Well, of course I would have gone to get my money back but since I had walked quite a distance away, I didn't bother to complain. Princess' cone had the same problem so I believe it's not a one-off case. The next time you eat a cone at B & J's, do watch out for that. Poor princess was made to throw out the remainder of the cone after finishing off her ice-cream. The picture belows shows the paper bits and the area where glue was.

After our ice-cream, we took the train over to Sentosa. There wasn't really that much of a crowd there, much to my surprise.

We finally have our very own amusement park! Being there and soaking in the air, and being shut out by the barriers really makes one want to enter it. I would like 2 fun passes please... ok, in my dreams, but I will work on it. I know hubby hardly refuses my requests hehe, right hubs? ;)

This was all we could see from the outside - the main street. Princess was moody. We will try to get in soon, I promise, darling. :D

For more on our visit to Resorts World, check out my next post.


HK Choo said...

Wohoo..what a fruitful day.
Ya, it's good to have impromptu days at times by just going with the flow. :)

SIG said...

Yes, it was a fun day, HK. :)