Saturday, March 20, 2010

Brewerkz @ Riverside Point

I planned a gathering for a group of friends to get together this March as one of them is in town from Klang. These are the girls I grew up and went to school with, and together with our 3 little ones, we met at Brewerkz to kick off a fun evening. The meeting was supposed to have been on a Wednesday but was postponed as C arrived in Singapore later than expected. Fridays are busy days in the pubbing area, but we managed to pull it off.

The rain was upon us all afternoon and it kind of dampened the spirit a little when we thought we wouldn't be able to go on the riverboat ride. However, by the end of our meal, we were delighted to note that it had stopped raining, except for a very slight drizzle which allowed us to carry on as planned. The Singapore Riverboat Cruise counter was right at the doorstep of the restaurant so it was very handy for us to pick up tickets. Best of all, there was only one other couple on board the boat. They got off at the next quay and we had the entire boat to ourselves, it almost felt like a private boat. :D The tickets cover 2 quays and it costs S$8 per person one way. Our destination was the Merlion Park at One Fullerton. There is a longer boat ride which covers the Marina area but that is not available after 5pm. We loved the lights along the way. We couldn't stop oohing and ahhing. The kids had fun waving to people on the bridges as we went under them and they loved making noises each time, creating the echo effect. All in all, it was a great evening! We hope to meet up again when C is back in December for Christmas.

We started off with Virgin Margaritas. These are great for kids as they do not contain alcohol. However, they tasted pretty sour so most kids might not like them.

C ordered a platter of sausages with mash for the kids to share. However, she ended up eating most of it but she didn't like the one with the lighter shade. I believe that is beer bratwurst.

The kids had child's portion pasta which was just plain pasta in tomato sauce and it comes with a drink of choice.

S had ribs which she said was fall off the bone type. It came with an onion salad which is not really my cup of tea. The mash is delicious though.

This is what I had - Seafood spaghetti, as it is a Friday thus no meat for me. I thought this was so-so, it wasn't that great. The pasta we had at Swensen's was much much better.

The menu is very interesting with lots of choices of food, but with 4 ladies and 3 little girls, we couldn't order much. The nachos looked really good and some of the food sound very nice. I do want to return again and try the burgers, nachos and the brownie which we didn't have space for in our tummy. But this time, I will be arranging for the guys to join us so we can order more stuff to share and try, as the portions are very big.


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Bring dh for this so that he can help our, but keep him away from Popeye's so the arrangement is just nice, hahah.

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