Saturday, March 27, 2010

Two lovely awards

Thanks so much, javapot. I know I took a long time collecting it, but thanks for thinking of me. :D I love them!

the rules for this award are as follows: copy the award image into a post; list 10 things that make you happy; tag 10 bloggers who brighten your day; link to their blogs; and notify the award recipients (who should link back to the sender’s blog).

In no particular order, things that make me happy.....

  1. Being able to spend time with my daughter every day.
  2. Meeting good friends for breakfast or meals and catching up with one another.
  3. Trying out new recipes and seeing the end product turn out successfully.
  4. Watching my girl dance.
  5. Play with babies (other people’s babies) – there is something that makes grown adults talk and act like one big child. (This one I got to copy yours, javapot ;P)
  6. Giving surprises, especially making or baking something for someone special on their birthday. Knowing that the person will be happy makes me happy.
  7. Shopping!
  8. Helping out in school and getting to know princess' classmates.
  9. Rain. I love rain.
  10. Theme parks. I'm so looking forward to visiting Universal Studios, Singapore (and no, I won't be taking the Battlestar Galactica dueling roller coasters - I'm too timid for that ;P)
The other bloggers whom I'm tagging for this double award (unless they are already nominated) are... Jottings of Life, Little Corner of Mine, Bento Fun, Beau Lotus, More than Words, Mochachocolata-Rita, Ganache-Ganache, Hawai`i's Bento Box Cookbook, Bentos and More for Kids, A Teaspoon "N" a pinch.


Susan Yuen said...

Thanks so much!!! I love you blog too, you always have such great bentos! :D

daphne said...

aww! how sweet! thank you!!!!!

Mochachocolata Rita said...

Oh~ thanks so much! I am so honored! :)

Little Corner of Mine said...

Thank you so much! *muak*

SIG said...

You're most welcome, ladies. :) Tks Susan. :D

karlsfoodie said...

pls come n play w Edna LOL then u b happy everyday

ganache-ganache said...

Thank you so much :)