Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Popeye's @ T3 & Segway

It was a boring Saturday on the weekend before school started. Being a rainy afternoon, the hubby and kid didn't manage to go out on their bikes. On a whim, we decided to visit Changi Airport Terminal 3. It's quite a distance from town but a nice place to spend an evening at, far away from the crowds of the shopping malls. Only one place was on my mind as we made our way there for an early dinner. Popeye's! I've heard a lot about it and read lots of good reviews.

The photos were taken on my Iphone as I had forgotten to pack my camera. The portion below was a kid's meal. It comes with a piece of chicken, fries and Milo. The 'surprise' gift for the meal wasn't a toy. It was a 2-finger bar of KitKat to finish off the meal.

Hubby and I went for the 'Turf & Surf' set which had 4pcs of chicken (with an additional 50cents each for choice of breast or thigh meat), corn niblets, mash potatoes, prawn fritters, 2 biscuits and 2 Sjora juices (of which we chose pineapple as well as mango peach - the two flavours offered). I found the drinks very watered down, and the fries hubby complained were too dry. The biscuits were not too bad with jam. I didn't manage to take many photos as the two were impatient to get started on their dinner.

The chicken was lovely and crispy and not dry even though we got 4 breast meats due to hubby. Sigh. I mustn't buy chicken when he is with me. I love thigh and wings, not breast or drumstick. I'll be sure to visit Popeye's again without hubby in tow. You can choose the level of spiciness for the chicken. There is mild and spicy. In fact, speaking of which, I might take a trip down to Toa Payoh soon, where their other outlet is located, as I've been told. :D

Cajun fries - not all that fab.

The sides...

Cute recycle bins around the airport.

With every $20 spent at the airport, we are able to redeem three $5 tries on the Segway. It looked like a lot of fun and seeing that it was pretty empty, I signed up hubby and girl for it. Here are the rules u need to go by -

For safety, helmets first.

Off they go after a few rounds of practise.

Princess had a second go at it as hubby was too impatient to get started on the circuit which is limited to 2 rounds only, for the price we paid, thus she didn't get the full satisfaction the first time round. The trick is to do more practise rounds at the side before going the 2 rounds, as once you are done, the Segway is immediately removed from you.

While the girl was on the Segway, we had some desserts at Coffee Club right beside it.

Blackforest drink for the hubby.

Hubby's favourite Oreo cheesecake.

I opted for the lemon tart after a rich dinner of fried chicken. It was lovely and tangy. A refreshing choice.


HK Choo said...

What a fun-filled evening. Interesting Segway, looks just like the one in the movie "Mall Cop". :)

SIG said...

HK - Oh, really? I didn't watch it but guess what? We went to 313 somerset on Sunday and there it was in the food court. The drinks lady was using it to sell drinks. How cool! Apparently u use your body weight to work it. Really Eco friendly.

Angeleyes said...

Echo HK, I saw the Segway in Mall Cop too! A friend of mine had that in Sentosa and now I am so tempted to get my feet on them!!!!

Been ages since I ate Popeye. It was here some 20+ years ago but they closed shop after a few years but made a come back last year.

SIG said...

Yes, my girl wants to do the Sentosa one cos tak shiok only two rounds at the airport. Wow, I didn't know Popeye was soooo old. Hahah. Trends come n go. I am hoping for the brand "Next" to come back to Singapore. I love their clothes!

Beau Lotus said...

My brother always eats at Popeye when he goes to T1 (airport). He said it was good. Me I prefer the Prawn Noodle Soup that I've been eating at the same cafeteria (next to Popeye at T1) since I was a kid..

SIG said...

Oh really?? I don't remember the prawn noodles but I love that food court, so much better than T2's. I used to work in the airport so it's like my second home, lots of fond memories of the place and the friends at work. Whenever we had a long break, we'd go to T1 for our meals. :D