Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mooncake time!

After my first ever mooncake lesson last year, I decided to test the waters again all on my own this time. As usual, I started off lazy, but last Sunday saw hubby at work, leaving us two girls on our own, so after church, we took a walk to the baking goods shop and picked up the flour, sugar, pastes etc needed to make these lovelies. I hope I am able to attempt the baked ones next year.

Thus began my mooncake making journey... the first lot I made only consisted of 5 haha, before we went out to dinner that evening. The skins were left in the fridge for a few days before I made them at a friend's house again yesterday.

These were what we made yesterday using the boy moulds of car & Shinkansen. I love the car one very much. Love the imprints on the mooncakes.

I picked up some black sesame paste yesterday at KCT so will do those hopefully this afternoon.


Susan Yuen said...

Fantastic mooncakes!!! They are all so cute and colorful.

SIG said...

Thank you, Susan.