Thursday, September 10, 2009

Last minute change

I bought these colourful veg a week or so ago but have not had a chance to cook this dish which I've been wanting to try. However, although I had prepared the ingredients way early in the afternoon, I got distracted by another 'project', thus it left me with very little time to cook this. The hungry princess kept complaining of hunger so I decided not to take a walk down to the supermarket to pick up missing ingredients such as longan and pineapple. I had to quickly put together her dinner and think up on the spot what to replace the missing ingredients with. I had a mango in the fridge and some instant lemon sauce. Decided to use those instead. So here you have it - mango chicken in lemon sauce. The result was ok, but I think I would have preferred the sweet & sour version. Will do that the next time. :) Thanks HK for the recipe.

This is the bento which I kind of 'copied' from Susan. Hope you don't mind. ;) Her recent bento caught my eye because of the very cute piggy and I just had to do it. Miss Piggy is made from chicken karaage. In the bento are also cherry tomatoes & fish fillet from her godma. In the background is a bowl of Campbell's Mushroom & Seafood soup.

While she had her dinner, I cut up a mango (from her grandpa as it's her favourite food), a golden kiwi and some grapes.


Susan Yuen said...

I like the bento!!! :) The mango chicken looks yummy too.

SIG said...

Thanks Susan :)