Thursday, September 10, 2009

Goodies hand-delivered :)

I received some goodies from a very dear friend today. She had a 'proxy' meet me as she couldn't make the trip here herself. It's such a pity, I would have loved to meet her, but I guess meeting her other half is better than nothing. :D

She sent over 2 boxes of tau sar piah which equates to 64 pieces??? I really wish my health was tiptop at the moment like a couple of months back, and I can wolf these down no problem, but at this moment, I really need to ration the amount I can consume else the pains in my joints will be back to haunt me. It has been acting up these couple of days so I need to be careful with the food I eat. So, maybe I will distribute some to mum & dad, and the some I'll freeze? Check out these gorgeous pastries.

In the package, there was also a packet of cream crackers cake mix. How interesting. Have you tried that yourself, babe? I received a pack of stencils & cutters as well. And I'm sure looking forward to trying out some recipes from the cookbook. Thanks for everything!

Here below are some stuff I picked up from Tangs using some gift vouchers which I had. I finally got my baking weights, a silicon-tipped pair of Cuisipro tongs and an Envirosax bag.