Monday, September 14, 2009

Cinnamoroll & Mocha cookies

Can't believe I forgot to blog about these. Over the Teachers' Day period, a friend of mine posted some pictures of the cookies that she baked for her sons' teachers and one of them was a cutout cookie & I was keen to try out that recipe. She got it from Florence's blog. I used that for the Cinnamoroll cookies and a different one for the Mocha cookies. On the back of some of the Cinnamoroll ones, I stamped the words 'Happy b'day' for a girlfriend of mine who is as crazy over the character as my girl & I are. I decided to make some My Melody ones too. Very happy with how they all turned out :D And absolutely love the pink polka-dotted cover on the bottle.


Little Corner of Mine said...

How Cute!

Susan Yuen said...

Cute cookies! They came out perfect and I love the jar too.