Thursday, September 10, 2009

The 'Project'

Since I saw this in one of my bento books, I've been wanting to try it out but just pure laziness got a hold of me and thus, it's only now, more than half a year later, that I am attempting it. It was also helped by shopping mum's post. However, the result didn't turn out that good. Maybe I didn't add enough cornflour? But the colours turned out very pretty though. Now that I have all these coloured eggsheets, I really don't know what to do with them hahaha.

I started with boiling some katsuobushi stock (or Dashi stock) to be mixed into the egg. Next I separated the whites from the yolks.

I prepared some cornstarch solution & food colouring...

... and divided the whites into two bowls, dropping a drop of blue and red colouring separately into each bowl. I added a tbsp of the dashi stock in each mixture, as well as some cornstarch solution before beating them well and sieving them. Here's what I got.

It started off very well...

but the results weren't too ideal. Maybe there wasn't enough cornstarch?

The yellow turned out the worst.

I thought the pink was the nicest but still not perfect. I sure need more practise. :P

It looks very limpy, doesn't it?


shoppingmum said...

I had the same problem with I used this type of frying pan. With bigger pan, I let the egg mixture flow, lift up the pan once a while to avoid bubbles. The shape is not so nice, but I cut them off if needed.
Did you flip them over? I can never make it with this small pan.

SIG said...

shopping mum - Actually I started off with the big pan but it was going all over the place and ugly like u said. I didn't flip cos I read from one of your links to not flip. I will try again soon when I am not lazy. Thanks for your pointers. :)

sohcool said...

the pink and blue eggs looked scary.

SIG said...

Lol sohcool!