Friday, September 4, 2009

Happy Teachers' Day!

I mentioned before, that I was going to make Teachers' Day bentos and the day has finally dawned. I was very excited and along the way, stocked up on some bentos from Daiso, carrier bags and chopsticks. I really had no idea at all till the last minute, on what I wanted to do. But I planned to make it as colourful as I could. My idea of 'traffic lights' cherry tomatoes & kyuri stick came from HK Choo and then there were the flower-shaped sausages from Jap bento blogs. I steamed some corn and topped with flower carrots, baked some chicken karaage, cut up some strawberries, added a few grapes, small piece of brownie & wrapped up a ball of rice for each teacher.

A lot of the preparation was made the night before, as princess was in the morning session on the eve of Teachers' Day. I too had volunteered to help out at school while the teachers had the day off. Thus, there really was very little time to do anything in the morning. Rice was the first thing I cooked, followed by boiling the corn, sausages etc. In fact, was really proud that I got everything ready by 6.45am except for the rice. So I decided to bring both bentos along with me, rather than sending them with the girl.

Her form teacher was thrilled when I passed her the bento. She thought that the cookies princess gave her earlier in the morning was her only gift. I had instructed her not to inform the teachers so that it would be a real surprise. Her form teacher came over to thank me after the concert. Said she was proudly showing off to the rest of the P1 teachers haha, and yes, she shyly admitted that she did take photos of it. Hehe. Well, I'm glad she loved it. :)

I made another bento for a teacher not from her current school as we were meeting her for breakfast on Teachers' Day itself. Thankfully it was only the one bento as it was a real rush in the morning to leave the house.

There is a ham & cheese sandwich, flower ham, a flower sausage, octopus sausage, cherry tomatoes, strawberries, grapes, brownie, marshmallows and a stick of Merci chocolate.

I love this little cute octopus. :)


Susan Yuen said...

Beautiful bentos, my daughter loves the octopus hotdog!

Beau Lotus said...

Very lucky teachers, when I think that my mom used to make me distribute empty photo albums to my teachers during teacher's day...

SIG said...

Susan - Yup, that's my favourite too. :D And thank you.

beau lotus - Oh yea, haha, I know. Our teachers weren't so lucky. Hehe. But why would they want pictures of us hahahaha.