Saturday, September 12, 2009

Assortment of bentos

Made an assortment of bentos last 2 weeks and here they are... not in order of appearance.

This is my most favourite of all the bentos I have made. I've procrastinated on this one for more than half a year. I did have some bento books which almost always featured at least two bentos on Anpanman and he looked very easy to put together. I just never really bothered. I have a bigger rice mould which I ordered online, but it wasn't until the bff's sil came back from Japan with a set of Anpanman characters rice mould that I felt they were just too cute to not make a bento out of. So here it is, Mr Anpanman & Mr Shokupanman. I think they are totally adorable. They have two little friends with them, namely Mr & Miss Mushroom. As this is the last bento of the school term, Mr Mushroom is feeling a little sad, although this mummy is secretly happy hehe. No more rushing mad and devoting an hour in the morning to preparing bentos, especially on Mondays or Tuesdays when I have to prepare 听写 questions. Yippee!!! Thank goodness for catered food. :D The men have tomato ketchup on their noses & cheeks, how cute ya? And the spots on the mushroom are little cheese. There is also a flower apple, golden kiwi & flower sausages. Notice that even the pick is a little pink Anpanman? :) Ok, alright, I think I have a secret fascination with the man, but he is just too adorable, although I have never watched his cartoon show.

One other bento I prepared for school was the following which comprised half a blueberry bagel with strawberry cream cheese spread, sausages, corn kernels, strawberries, half a plum & a mini strawberry donut.

For her godbro, he had basically the same stuff except his came with a ham & cheese sandwich, a Cinnamoroll-shaped hard-boiled egg, a steamed strawberry yoghurt cake and a mini mango donut.

Last Friday was the bff's house blessing day so I went over to lend a helping hand. I prepared a lunch bento each for princess and her godbro.

This was how I packed the warm stuff in thermal flasks.

Other than the curry udon, there were fish nuggets, strawberries, grapes, apple, cherry tomato & prune. I love these two thermal flasks of mine. It's the first time I am using the green flask even though I believe I've had it for more than 10yrs now. As for the Hello Kitty flask, it's 7yrs old, the age of princess. I bought it when she was a baby and used it to bring her porrridge out when she was young.

On the last morning before school closed for the week-long holidays, I made her a snack bento as she was in the morning session. They were to go on an excursion to visit another school and spent the morning with the girls there. They had a fun arts & craft class and even exchanged souvenirs with each other. How sweet was that?

I love this sandwich cutter that I bought recently. I have another one which is pink in colour. However, I prefer the designs on this one. The pink one has a heart shape, a house I think, and I can't make out what the other two are.

I made Nutella sandwiches & packed some mini Oreos too, for her breakfast because I doubt she could digest anything having just woken up at 6.30am and rushing about to get ready for the school bus.

This was a dinner bento for her to eat in the cab as we rushed from home to the Esplanade to catch 'Cinderella on Ice' after school one evening. She declared it very yummy as I had hidden teriyaki chicken bits within the rice.


Little Corner of Mine said...

As hardworking as ever! Love those thermal flasks, guess I will have to use this for Evy lunch next year.

Susan Yuen said...

Very cute bentos! I love Mr Anmanpan.