Saturday, September 26, 2009

New friend from Penang

As bloggers and mums, we make friends from far and wide, sharing a common love for food, and the common topic of kids. Once in a while, a few of them living overseas come home, and some simply to visit our shores or use our island as a stopover point to further their journey to Australia.

One of these new blogger friend hails from Penang, and while on her short stopover in Singapore, decided to meet up with us. I feel so privileged as she only had 2-3days here before she left for Perth, and yet she chose to spend time with my girl and I one morning. We were both late as there was heavy traffic due to the preparation of the F1 race happening on our shores this weekend. Thus, we only had one hour together before I had to send princess to school.

As with all first time meetings, there were a bit of jitters on my end. Erm, will we get along, or will we be at a loss for words? Well, I was totally put at ease the moment I spied them. She is totally nice, and very bubbly by nature. She told me about all the food she'd been gobbling up in the span of one day and one morning. Haha. And right after, going for more makan. Lol. There was no 'warming up' needed. A lovely lady indeed. I got to meet her hubby who was just as nice, and her little boy who was very cute and got on with princess from the word 'go'. Even my princess who was left at the table, while I went to place our orders, was chatting to them like old friends haha. It was a short but sweet meeting and I wished we could have spent more time together that morning, but time did not permit. Sorry poor D that che che had to rush to school and couldn't play more with you. Poor dear was so upset and started crying when we said our goodbyes. Maybe on her next trip here, or if I do go to Penang, I have one more friend to visit. ;)

I think I have been spoilt by my friends from Penang who have visited in the span of 2 weeks. I got a whole lot of goodies from both parties. Haha! First there was tau sar piah, now there is phong pniah, durian cake (or dodol as friend calls it), Shat Kek Ma & some alphabet cutters. Tks pal! And it was lovely meeting the family. Have a safe trip.

Very lovely homemade durian cake which she ordered specially. I love this. Look, pure durian, not flour.

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