Friday, September 4, 2009

More bento updates

This is the first time I'm trying to do a checkered apple. I think it is very pretty but you need lots of patience. This is a simple bento of prata, steamed cake, flower ham, cherry tomatoes and apples.

This bento was indeed a heartbreaker. I got both ideas for the heart-shaped sealed sandwich and the Hello Kitty in a suit from shopping mum, and I put in lots of effort to get it right. It was perfect at first, but while I was moving the fruits around, I accidentally destroyed my HK. How sad I was after all the intricate work put in. Sob sob. But at least she got to see it before it got destroyed.

I have been eyeing for one of these bento trays since I spied them in a Korean shop. However, I didn't like the design on the Korean one. I did come across a Thomas one and was hoping very much that they produced it in Sanrio characters. And I found it! So very happy. This is my new 'muffin tin' tray. Hehe. In this tray there is meatball spaghetti from the hawker centre and apple-flavoured Yakult.


Little Corner of Mine said...

I love these cute tray! Man, the selection of these bento box are endless. Every time they will come out with something new.

SIG said...

lcom - Yes indeed. Make us all spend money hahah.