Thursday, September 10, 2009

Campbell's Tees & bowls

I went to visit my favourite ban mian stall in Hougang yesterday. We, those people living in the East, would be familiar with the ban mian stall of Parkway Parade. It drew long queues and was forever busy whatever time of day. One day, out of the blue, princess & I were looking forward to a good lunch of ban mian after her ballet class, when we were greeted by a strange-looking stall which didn't seem like our favourite one. Curiosity got over me and I just had to check with the lady, because she too wasn't the same lady that had become such a familiar face. The man was also missing from the stall. Very weird. So a quick check at the signboard and I was pretty sure it used to read as 'Qiu Lian Ban Mian', although I couldn't be 100% sure. However, just a simple ' Ban Mian' looked too strange. So true enough they had changed owners. This current one hails from Raffles City food court and according to the lady, they have long queues there too. Well, one just has to try it to see how good it is. Unfortunately, it didn't pass the little one's tastebuds. Firstly, she complained the ikan bilis didn't taste the same, and secondly, the noodles got soft very quickly. The old stall made very good noodles and even by the end of the meal, the noodles still remained chewy.

I thought of asking the chicken rice lady if she knew where they moved to, but they were drawing in the crowds that day so I didn't want to disturb her. On another occasion, I happened to buy chicken rice for dinner, so used the opportunity to check with her. She knew where they went!!! Yippee!

So last week, another fellow ban mian lover friend and I went hunting for this stall at Hougang Mall. We couldn't find it and ended up eating at another of their stalls in the Kopitiam food court. But we wouldn't let it go, after travelling all the way, so we went in search of it and finally found it at the new NTUC outside Hougang Mall, in a new food court which just opened. I was so happy to see the lady I'm so used to. Her friend, the other cook, was there with her too. I just had to go say 'hi' to her. So both G & I appeared before her right after she served a customer and you should have seen how her face lit up when she saw us. She was so touched that we travelled all that distance and asked if we wanted to eat. We declined as we had just had our lunch. She was so kind and even offered us some uncooked noodles to bring home. We didn't take her up on her offer though. I'm just very happy that I've found them and I'm not about to let them go missing again haha.

So just yesterday, I took the little one to have lunch there. She gave us extra ikan bilis as the girl loves that. How kind of her. :) But it breaks my heart to see that they are practically swatting flies there. Business is very bad for them as the stall is very new. And right beside their stall is a wanton noodles one which had thriving business.

If you happen to live in Hougang or around that area, and you love ban mian, check out their stall! I do not have the address but it's in the new building just outside of Hougang mall, in the food court right after NTUC supermarket.

So, back to the topic of Campbell. We were off to the train station when we walked past the Bossini shop and the cute little cherubic face of the Campbell girl caught my eye. I just had to backtrack. How can one resist, right? I really wanted to get another tee on top of this one I bought, but I was more attracted to the print rather than the design of the tee. So in the end, I opted for a pair of Campbell leggings which she can probably wear to sleep. They are having a 30% off for 2 items purchased.

And this... this is what I really wanted. :D A set of limited edition Campbell soup bowls with 2 soup spoons which weren't that special eally, & a bottle of Campbell mushroom soup in a very adorable carrier. Go get yours today. :)


Susan Yuen said...

Love the Campbell's soup cute!

SIG said...

Yes, that's why couldn't resist hahaha.