Monday, August 18, 2008

Salad and pancakes

We had dinner at Sizzler last evening. It's newly renovated, although the layout still remains the same. We've not visited it in years so decided to go check it out. The salad bar was the most popular choice on the menu, but for a couple of dollars more, you get a main course as well. Princess ordered the chicken nuggets which cost $11.90 and it included a drink. However, she got very excited with the salad offerings that she hardly touched her main course. (Kids size salad bar costs $9.90) What a waste of $$. However, we're not complaining as we were so delighted that she still enjoys the bar. When she was much younger, we went there a couple of times but she's forgotten. Those days, she ate for free. She and daddy made a little face with her salad and she ate everything on her plate & even went back for seconds. Wow! At the end of the meal, she said, 'I had a wonderful dinner!', and you could tell she was happy as she was in a very good mood and prancing around. Haha.

Sizzler Suntec
#B1-21/22 Suntec City Tower 2
Tel: 63365866

She hasn't been feeling very well since Saturday night so I decided to keep her home to rest these two days. For breakfast I made our favourite pancakes but this time I made them plain and served the fruits on the side. I made half the recipe but there's still batter leftover for tomorrow. An unsuccessful attempt with the hello kitty stencil.


daphne said...

Not often that a young child like her salads!

SIG said...

daphne - Haha, ya.