Thursday, August 7, 2008

Italian night & some bakes

I finally did the risotto, and hubby loves it, S! Princess tried it and said yummy, but she declined to have more. Hahaha! Initially, I was a bit skeptical and thought the water was maybe a little too much, as it was nearing the 15mins mark but the water still wasn't drying up. Thank goodness I persevered and it finally did. Boy, was I rewarded. I added some fresh prawns to it and that really lifted the dish. However, I didn't get a chance to make a trip to the supermarket to get some greens to add, so it looks rather boring. ;P Also made some pizza using pita bread as a base, with a topping of ham, pineapple and mozarella.

I agreed to helping the teachers in school bake some cupcakes for their National Day celebration tomorrow. I was given the Phoon Huat golden muffins ready mix. Just needed to add eggs and oil. They turned out almost perfect. The first lot was the most beautiful but as the oven temp increased, the rest slowly resembled little hills. Hehe. Still, even though it was a pre-mix, I spent 3hrs baking the 50 cups and having to wait for them to cool to store. So much for sleeping early last night. ;P


daphne said...

yay! I made risotto too! Yours look good as well. Hehe.

ANd 50 muffins?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!

HK Choo said...

Can try lowering the oven temperature abit as you go to counter the 'hilly' effect? hth

SIG said...

daphne - Yes, I saw your risotto, coincidence. ;) Errr, yes, 50.

hk choo - That's precisely what I did, and I even switched it off after a few batches just to let it cool down and started it again. It did help.

Beau Lotus said...

D, glad you liked the risotto! Have never tried it myself since I usually make it from scratch, but some Italians told me that those packets were quite good so I've distributed a few to friends to try them out.

Meanwhile, that's for you :