Thursday, August 7, 2008

I've been missed & Blueberry alert!

Before I begin, grab them blueberries at NTUC - $4.99 per 2 punnets! I came across them yesterday and wanted to give out the alert, but hubby was having some stuff done to the mac and thus it was unusable.

Sorry to the gals who've messaged to ask if I've been busy and thus have not been updating my blog. Well, what else is new. It's a mix of laziness, not having cooked or baked much & being busy.

I came across this device in Isetan last week and hesitated only for 3 secs before I picked the last piece up and bought it. I reasoned with myself that it helps to fully utilize the slices of bread as well as save time, and besides, it was the last one on the shelf! I used to do this and if sis remembers, it was her job at each birthday party to cut shapes out of the sandwiches for the kids. How much wastage there was. So am pleased that I got it. Have used it twice since.

A little snack box for school with strawberry cream cheese sandwiches, kueh lapis and yellow cherry tomatoes.


Jori said...

I LOVE the sandwich cutters... makes me wish my boys were young enough to justify asking you to send me some. Never see things like that here in Canada!

daphne said...

woah! u r catching up on your posts! haha.

darn! the blueberries sound so cheap. I just bought some frozen ones for AU$3 for maybe around 200 grams?

HK Choo said...

Good reasoning for the purchase...i'm sure you got your returns on investment already since you have used it twice now. :)

HK Choo said...
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Camemberu said...

Ha! I saw this bread cutter too! Was so tempted to buy it because it was cute. But had to resist because Nadine just does not like bread, no matter what shape it's in.

Little Corner of Mine said...

I saw that gadget before, Peony has it! :D

SIG said...

jori - Haha, you can make them for fun, not just for kids.

daphne - Oh yes, must not let people down. ;) I'm not sure if they are still on offer though.

hk choo - Any excuse, right? Hehe. Oh yes, surely justified.

camemberu - Hehe, there's still the little one who might eat bread? :)

lcom - Hahaha, I've not seen it. She does?