Saturday, August 30, 2008

Tummy's still aching

It's been a week since the tummy aches began and till today we don't know what it is. We went to see the paed yesterday, as one week is too long to not be having an appetite where my girl is concerned. She told me, I hope I get well soon so I can eat nice food. Awww... doesn't that just break your heart? Well, she did a urine test and we hope to get the results very soon. But on the bright side, she asked for breakfast this morning and also her dinner of bee hoon which I da bao from J's. Thanks dear J, she finished all the bee hoon. It's the happiest thing for me this whole week, just to see her eat and ask for food.

Thanks to all those who posted comments which I didn't reply. Not that I was that mega busy, maybe it was just the weather, as well as the little one not being well, but just plain lazy to do anything, and not in the mood to bake or cook. Nice to hear all your feedback with regards the article before this one. And Peony, no worries, just help yourself. I pinched them from other blogs too. ;)


Mochachocolata Rita said...

poor thing! get well soon! :)

SIG said...

rita - Thanks.