Friday, August 8, 2008

Roast chicken

Whenever I go to Vivo, it's chicken rice day. That's because I love the roast chicken selling at Giant. It's way way better than the ones sold at Cold Storage. They are tender and juicy and not dried out, with a lovely honey roasted skin. And since I'm out the whole afternoon, I usually do not have the energy to cook dinner, so with the instant chicken rice mix by Chng Kee's, just a spoonful in the rice before cooking, and I have ready chicken rice. I sometimes add a couple of pandan leaves, and then slice up some tomatoes to serve. With the leftover meat, we use them in sandwiches.


Mochachocolata Rita said...

that's a gorgeous looking bird, and it must be yummy with chicken rice hehe (i cud eat anything with chicken rice)

HK Choo said...

The leftover bones can be used to boil soup as well :)
Used to buy them too, but price has gone up and the size shrunk now..

daphne said...

I like that chicken rice paste too. Seldom but it now though. hmm..maybe I shld again!

Peony said...

the roast chk at Giant good ah, didnt notice cos always think they r dry (in whatever s'mkets).
I buy only cos like u said, no choice after a day out shopping.

ok, next time will get one from there. Thanks for the tip.
think we shd blog abt the gd places/food to shop, heehee.

SIG said...

rita - It not only looks good but tastes good too. Oh yes, perfect with the rice. ;)

hk choo - Yes, yes I boil the bones for soup stock but not this time cos got too much things in fridge, but I did strip the chicken bare. Hehe.

daphne - It's so handy to have around.

peony - Ya, my dad introduced it to me. It's nice. Best if can get one that is freshly baked. Leave it for a few hours and it's still warm. I don't know about other Giant ones. I know the Vivo one is good. No problem. You can get one to try next time you are there. I'm not very good with taking photos of food outside hehe, but will definitely share if I come across good stuff. ;)

karlsfoodie said...

yummm... i did noe giant sell roast chicken.... on the look out nxt week!

SIG said...

karlsfoodie - Oooo... for sure! But I won't be having chicken rice again hahaha.

ganache-ganache said...

I love chicken rice, actually the rice more than the chicken, haha
will go get the Chng Kee's chicken rice mix, wonder if roast chicken in Malaysia's Giant tastes as good as Sin's ???

SIG said...

ganache-ganache - I guess the thing that attracts us to that particular dish is the rice more than anything else. ;) Oh, do try the chicken there and share it with our Malaysian readers. :)