Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I usually do not have supper but for the past few days, I've really been having bad luck with food. Firstly, I was so looking forward to my dinner of fried fish bee hoon soup from my favourite stall in Marine Parade Central on Sunday. Unfortunately, that never happened as we all know what happened to the hubby. So on top of having a peanut butter and jam sandwich for lunch, I had to make do with a chicken ham and cheese sandwich off the chiller at 711 late that evening.

Then on Monday I had to have hospital canteen food for lunch which was yucky. I was so looking forward to having a proper meal since my last proper one was on Saturday. Another bad choice, but really, how wrong can you get with mixed rice? Sigh. So we went to dinner at Sakae that evening and the Curry Katsu wasn't great, rice was bit on the soggy side. I think my luck with good food has run out. Haha.

Decided to pamper myself with some siew mai today. Forgot that I had a pack of my favourite instant siew mai in the freezer, but racked my brains when I wanted to have something savoury and suddenly remembered them. Yippee!

I seldom buy them and have not done so in a long time. I won't say they are fantastic, but they are sort of a comfort food to me. They aren't too bad really. I love them with the garlic chilli. So just had to indulge myself I guess, after all the bad food I've been having. ;P


trevshanhann said...

Ah yah... i know what you mean i had my share when T was in hospital.After all is settled we go lunch k?My treat ... really i know you will say no need but i say need ha ha.

singairishgirl said...

trevshanhann - Thank you my dear G. Much appreciate. Don't know when then it will be settled.