Monday, January 21, 2008


Yesterday was just like any other day. It was mostly unproductive, just staying home, tidying, doing laundry, the usual mundane stuff.

Hubs took princess to art class, after which, they went out to dinner. I didn't join them.

Imagine my shock when I got a call from the restaurant to say that he had a fall and cut his head. And they had called the ambulance. Aly, I know now how you felt, although your pain is a million times worse than mine. I didn't know head or tail and thought that he had tripped over something and fallen over and cut his head.

I rushed down to the restaurant and the ambulance had already arrived. It was really like a scene out of a drama... the ambulance, the paramedic, and the crowds of people. They couldn't accommodate us both and so after finding out where they were taking him, princess and I rushed off to the hospital in a cab. The poor girl started crying upon seeing me and she was very worried for her daddy. I asked her what happened and being in shock, she couldn't tell me.

It wasn't till we were halfway there and she had calmed down quite a bit that she was able to relate the events to me. Apparently, he had finished his dinner and was waiting for her to finish hers. He had just made a phone call and then next minute fell over backwards from the chair and hit his head. She was too shocked to cry and only till daddy had been helped back up on a chair did she cry, she said. And many people were helping him. Thank you to the many people there who went to his aid. And also the manager (I presume), who called me and helped take care of my little one.

She's extremely worried about daddy and very upset that he hurt his head. So when grandma came to join us in the hospital and wanted to take her to get some snacks, she left me with instructions that if daddy was wheeled out while she was gone, I had to call grandma on her phone and they will be back to see him. Can't believe that she's only 6. And when doctor wanted to ask her questions as to what happened, she was so confident in relating the story to her. I felt so proud. Also said that I should have brought her wallet along so she could help pay the hospital bills. How sweet is that? It just melted my heart.

He was given 4 stitches on the head and many tests were done. All came back with good results so now they are trying to find out what exactly caused it. He's under observation in the hospital and so far, they suspect it was low blood pressure.

So, FIL, MIL, SIL, sis, k & a, etc, this was what happened and we'll just see what the other test results show. Please continue to pray for him, my prayer warriors, and thank you all.


Shazz said...

I was shocked to hear what happened.I'm just glad it isn't something more sinister. Always in my prayers..hope he feels better soon :)

HK Choo said...

deb, a speedy recovery to your dh. take care of yourself and princess too in times such a these..hugz!

Oh for the love of food! said...

Oh Dear, you must have been so worried when you got the call, Debra. Hope all is well with your hubby and that you and Princess are over the shock. ;o)

Jo said...

Sorry to hear what happened D. Good thing test results showed nothing wrong. Will keep hoping the best for him. Keep us posted on his recovery.

Beau Lotus said...

That's quite shocking alright but I have low blood pressure myself so I understand the occasional blackouts.

Hub slipped and fell once 2 years ago when we were in Singapore though the one who knocked her head on the ground was Baby Girl who was sitting on his shoulders.

I wasn't there but to prove mean tongues wrong, many Singaporeans do care and will help. Someone accompanied them to the nearest doctor and stayed behind to make sure that everything's fine and the doctor also agreed to be paid another day as the Hub didn't have any money on him then.

The greatest fear we have is the risk of concussion, but he's not a child so your dear Hub should be ok. You'll have to sayang him him more now :-).

Maya said...

Sorry to hear about that but I'm sure hes gonna be fine. I'll rem him in my prayers. Look at E bright side, what your lil gal did/said was just so amazing. Its a thing to be proud of. N yah, if hubby do ve low blood, its good to know now instead of later so tht he and urself can take more precautions. Example...e kinda food he should eat more and avoid...etc :)U take gud care of yourself and don't think too much k.

WokandSpoon said...

Doesn't sound pleasant. Hope he's much better now.

daphne said...

oh deb!! What a shocking night you had. Hope everything is all-clear now. It was also lovely to read about the kind manager and people who helped him and princess.

How is princess now? She is a very very brave and thoughtful 6 yr old!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Oh man, how scary for you and your little girl. Glad to read that all tests thus far showed nothing majorly wrong. I hope it stays that way. Take care of yourself!

Peony said...

that must be a big shock, to U as well as us readers.

take care and hope for a speedy recovery for your dear hubby.

your little girl is so brave and caring for her parents.

karlsfoodie said...

OMG.. i hope ur dh is better now =)
take care

singairishgirl said...

karlsfoodie - Thanks. He's ok now.