Monday, January 7, 2008

THE party

I can't believe that I am sitting here at 3am and doing a post! Why I am awake at this ungodly hour is because the princess woke at 2plus coughing and I couldn't fall back to sleep after being woken. Thus I am here now. I should be snuggled up in bed recovering from the excitement of the past few days, with the princess falling sick the day before school started, on Thursday, and all the buzz with preparing for her party happening at the same time. It was a test of my endurance to the limit. I've never been so challenged before, taking care of a sick child and surviving on very few hrs of sleep a day, and doing such a huge amount of work at the same time. She seldom falls ill, and hardly this bad. And it had to happen now of all times. Since Friday, she was waking up in the early hours of the morning - 3am, 5am, and then on Saturday night, after baking the entire day, I was all ready to rest early so I'd be up bright and early, and all rested for Sunday's madness, but no, our friend had other ideas. She was coughing continuously we all couldn't even go to sleep till after 12am! And considering I had to wake at 6am to prepare the food, I was in bits! I just have to thank the good Lord that I was in good health and able to accomplish loads.

I am never EVER going to have a noontime party again! It's crazy! I just have to say I'm VERY relieved it's all over. But then again, I have told her that this is the last big party we are having. She has agreed to it. From next year, we will only have a few very close friends, and I do mean it. I know of poor G who said that, when her girl turned 6, but still has no choice but to have big parties. Haha. Speaking of which, I'm sorry G and her family were not able to make it due to family commitments.

Preparations started earlier in the week when I made the pasta sauce to freeze, then baking of cuppies on Saturday all day. And finally on Sunday morning - baked chicken wings, prepared sushi rice and ingredients, iced cuppies, rolled sushis, etc.

I almost abandoned the sushi last minute as I was very rushed for time. However, I'm glad I persevered and was rewarded. My shifu, Minako, says I did well, that they were nice and round, and not like mountains this time! Hurray! That's what stress produces? Haha. Perfect round sushi! Yay!

Photos didn't turn out too well. Most were blur. Sad, as I used 'auto' on the camera. I usually do 'manual'. I mean how bad can 'auto' turn out? Beats me!

On the menu we had sushi, pasta in bolognaise sauce, chicken hotdog, some little salad, baked chicken wings, which were prepared by moi. Then I ordered fried beehoon from the market stall downstairs my place; curry chicken from a hawker stall in Suntec; canape and chocolate coated strawberries courtesy of princess' godpa from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf; pizza from Canadian 2 for 1; some fruits. Am glad all the pizza were gone, and pasta too which had half a pot of sauce remainder. I panicked and quick thinking me got godpa to check if he could help get some from the outlet. Thank goodness he managed to get us more pasta. I can't thank him enough. And also the lovely coffee which was a hit.

The curry chicken was loved and devoured by all. Lovely with the beehoon or the crusty baguette.

Time for cake. I would like to thank Cranberry for showing in her blog the icing printouts and eagle-eyed me for spying them. I was actually looking a few months back on the internet for these, and Cranberry directed me to her friend Zu who printed them. Thanks to both you ladies, and it was a real pleasure to meet Zu who so kindly met me closer to my home during her lunch hour. Thanks very much.

The icing I did didn't turn out too well as I was truly pressed for time. I whipped it too stiff so it was a little tough to pipe them out, but still managed in the end. No time for perfection. Looking at Cranberry's really put me to shame. Such perfect stars.

It was a craft party, namely t-shirt printing. I don't have photos to show as I was too dazed to even take photos of the kids at work. At that point, I was just working on autopilot. Friends who spoke to me during the party, I'm sorry but at times, nothing was going through my brains.

I had wanted to do cupcake decorating with the kids but no time to even prepare the icing so that activity was abandoned. And besides, quite a number of them had to leave by 2pm, so there wasn't really much we could do.

The other activity was nail art done by princess' friend's mum, Daph. She was all prepared, with a portable fan to dry the nails, and one mum guest even asked if she was a professional. Hahaha. The birthday girl gets special stickers on her nails - her favourite butterflies.

I was, however, disappointed with the tattoo artist. I had booked her for 1pm, partly my fault, as I thought it'd be nice if she came after they had all eaten. But when I heard that some kids were leaving early, I messaged her to come at 12plus. Unfortunately, she came too late, at almost 1.30pm. I feel really apologetic that some kids didn't have a chance to have paintings done on them.

However, this artist is really talented. I mean I have seen my fair share of people doing body art, but not this kind of standard. While speaking to the artist's mum, I found out that she was the one at the recent EA Christmas party we attended just last month. No wonder, when I saw the girls at the party with tattoos, I said it to G that hey, that looks like the work of the artist I hired. These are her signature works.

She did a Rosella. For those who are not familiar with Rosella, she is Barbie as the Island Princess, in the latest Barbie movie. Rosella was a favourite pick among the girls.

Ariel was the second favourite choice.

She also does beautiful fairies.

In ending, I would like to thank so many people. This would not have been possible at all without my group of trustworthy friends and cousin who constantly help me out each time. For putting up with all my nonsense, very high standards, and all the last minute things I throw out at you. For the message that came through last night, saying, 'do you need me to come in early to help you set up?'. That really warmed my heart. I wasn't expecting that as she has a new baby to care for. Thanks a bunch, Daph. Your little prince is very handsome. And even hubby thinks he looks ang moh. I don't know how you gonna convince others that Chak is the daddy! Hahaha. I think it's because he is too fair for a pure Chinese and also the light brown hair. Hey, you think that got to do with you always colouring your hair? Hahaha. Also, thank you for the echinacea you brought for little princess. That was really thoughtful of you. And thanks, Chak, for so kindly preparing them into syringes all ready for consumption.

To the godparents, I can't say thank you enough. For everything. I'm sorry I had to dump all the dirty work on you, K, and thank you for being one of my great friends.

To Jill & Sam, thank you too, for always picking up the pieces along the way. Sis and Lyn for tidying up after, carrying all the stuff back to the house, and Lyn for playing with princess after she woke.

You guys are my rock. :)

Also not forgetting the people I neglected as I was too busy or tired. Thanks for your understanding.

Ok, ok enough already with the Oscar speech. It is time to go back to bed. Hope I can sleep now.

That should satisfy some for my week of missing posts? ;)


Precious Moments said...

Sounds like lots of hard work but I guess, you are rewarded with a hug and a smile from the birthday girl which matter most.

BTW, I am interested in the contact for the tatoo artist, can I have her contact? I am giving my girl a big birthday bash to mark this phrase of her life. Thanks!

HK Choo said...

Wah, what a blast! I'm sure it was an extremely grand BIG last party. Give yourself a pat on the back, you did terribly gr8!!!

Paw Paw said...

WoW ! awesome party !
Your effort's all worth it.

I know that stress level & fatigue revolving around parties.
Like me I need everything to turn out perfect...that will double the stress...*sigh*.
Glad yours is over..mine is fast approaching. *whimper*

singairishgirl said...

precious moments - Yes, plenty of hard work. But you are right, at the end of the day she gave me three kisses and said thank you. :) Have forwarded you the contact.

hkchoo - Oh haha, ya, I deserve a big pat on the back ya? Hehe.

paw paw - Oh yes, it was worth it but I could have done things better, esp with the entertainment for the kids. But I'm not a party person, not good at games and such. I know you are a perfectionist also. Exactly! Double the stress, and you'd want to be right there taking care of everything, and not at some remote place giving instructions while preparing food! Haha. You can say that again! Am super glad it's over! Good luck to you on yours. Hehe. And I'm sure we'll read all about it!

daphne said...

how creative with t-shirt printing and body art! makes me want to be there too... fighting for a spot with the kids!

trevshanhann said...

Am glad that your party was a hit...was sad we couldn't make it esp my S.the tatoos were good and she is looked yummy and the cup cakes was very clever!!!

Jori said...

That looks like one amazing party! What an amazing Mom little princess has. (Sure puts my old "hot dogs and pizza" parties to shame... ;o) )
Please give Princess a very big Birthday Hug and tell her it is coming special delivery from Canada!

Karen said...

Godpa says it's always a pleasure to be a part of Princess' birthday parties! We are very glad she likes the pressie.... she can take some underwater pix of her godbrothers...

Little Corner of Mine said...

What a fun birthday party! Your cupcakes turned out very good, you should look at the way I pipe my star, yours is so much better. Would love to see the close up of the icing printout though couse I couldn't figure it out from the picture. Love all the food too!

singairishgirl said...

daphne - Haha, I bet you would have. But you have to join the queue just like every other kid. Hehe. One of the mums was given a paint job on her arm. :)

trevshanhann - Oh ya, pity she couldn't join us. Yes, artist has great talent. Now Sam has ideas flowing through her head. She wants to learn it too! Haha. Our ever-ambitious business lady.

jori - Haha, you are a wonderful mum. You don't have to prepare fanciful food to be a fantastic mum. Just as long as they are happy. I also had cocktail hotdogs and pizzas! :P But most kids like pasta so I made that as their main dish. I will give her a big hug from Canada. Thanks.

singairishgirl said...

karen - Oh, thank you both. Haha yes. When she's well we can go swimming.

little corner of mine - I'm sure it was fun for the kids. That is the worse ever piping I've done, unfortunately. You can click on the photo to enlarge them. It's High School Musical by the way. Hehe, nice if you had been here to share in the food.

Oh for the love of food! said...

Debra, what a lot of yummy,yummy food! Firstly,a Happy Belated Birthday to Princess, she sure is a lucky girl! I love holding parties but my family will tell you how stressed out I get trying to get everything perfect. Looks like you did extremely well, Debra, and for Princess' sake I know this won't be the last time you'll be throwing mid-day parties like these - it just feels like it is at the moment! HA!HA!
About the Lemon Polenta Cranberry cookies- I will be posting about it next week so you will have all the info then. Have a lovely week wontcha SUPERMOM ? xo Carol

InspiredMumof2 said...

Wow, such a wonderful party! I take my hats off, and what a lucky princess to have mummy to prepare her birthday party so well.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Got an award for you, come and claim it! :)

Sue Sue said...

What a great party you have done. I think you organize it so well. Oh my... with the tatoo artist,the kids really loves you to hire the tatoo artist to do all the painting on their hand. Hahaha... good job.

beachlover said...

wow!! look like your girl party is so sucessful*clap clap*'re so lucky,have so many helper!!..I like the print out of your cup cake.I also looking for the print out for Mishu Birthday in less than 2 weeks.I decided to make cup cake myself rather than order from bakery.Well,I have no helper at all ,all work and plan doing by myself now ....busy, busy now...Ok..let mefollow your link to find the print out!! hahaha!!..Thanks a lot!

Big Boys Oven said...

oh lovely cupcakes, food and many many more.

Cranberry said...

Wow Deb, great party and great food! Your cuppies looks lovely too:) Glad your princess's b'day party was a successful,and your hardwork was being paid off! Bravo! I am bet the b'day girl and the guests enjoyed themselves very much. Well done, mummy.

singairishgirl said...

oh for the love of food! - Hey Carol, sorry for the late reply but her birthday was on 11th so you weren't late when you wished her. ;) Yes, I believe it will be the last midday party as I will switch back to tea time party. Can't manage. OPh great, thanks for posting the recipe. Will check it out soon. Hehe, you too are a supermom. XXOO

singairishgirl said...

inspired mum of 2 - Oh thanks *blush blush*

little corner of mine - Thanks for the award. Coming over soon. ;)

sue sue - Thank you. Oh yes, they all loved her. A pity she came too late.

beachlover - Oh haha, I bet Mishu's mum is just as good. And yes, it was successful but it could have been better in terms of entertainment. Yes, indeed lucky I am to have so many helpers on the day. I usually don't make the cake but since got two parties, had to cut cost so had to do them. Save so much, you know? Hey, you don't need follow my link. In America, you can get them easily the printouts, not here though. So I was elated when I found out the contact. But your party is at home and even no helper you will be able to manage but mine was in a function hall, no access to kitchen etc so more difficult.

singairishgirl said...

big boys oven - Thanks!

cranberry - Oh, hehe, thanks. Also most grateful to you for the icing printout ctc which saved my day or else I would have been more flustered than I already was. Yes, the kids enjoyed themselves.