Thursday, January 24, 2008

Food we ate today

Just wanted to share what hospital lunch looks like. Hubby requested for Western food throughout his stay, thus he got salads, grilled fish etc. For lunch today just before the discharge, he was served a grilled chicken steak. Looked n smelled nice. I had a taste of it. Well, it tasted healthy, low sodium etc.

A view from his room window.

For his first meal at home, I really was pretty exhausted to prepare anything, after having woken up at 6plus in the morning to send little one off to school, then to hospital to pick him up. Came home and rested for half an hour or so, then off to P's place to pick up the princess. Following that, had to go get dinner, come home and made sure they were both well-fed. And finally rushed off to parents' night in school. Gosh. Very tiring indeed.

We started with something light so that hub's tummy will not be overwhelmed. I got him a portion of sliced fish soup with white rice.

For myself and princess, we shared a fried fish bee hoon soup, which was what I was looking forward to for dinner on Sunday. I also got a portion of yam rice which we all shared. This is from my favourite fish bee hoon stall which used to be at Kallang Leisure Park, but has since moved to Marine Parade Central after the former was torn down to be newly constructed. Unfortunately, I apologize, but I've not taken note of the stall number. Will try to do so at my next visit. If not wrong, the name of the stall is 'King's' something. Hehe. So terrible I am. Not much help am I? ;P

I love to add some chilli padi to spice up my soup. Yum!


Precious Moments said...

It seems like low blood pressure if tests done all good. Give him more tonic if he takes them. I have that spell recently and being pro at this when I was young, I do know when it is coming. Always sits down and put your head bet your legs for a few mins.

Take care and speedy recovery for your hubby.

daphne said...

oo..nice! i love the fried fish beehoon-esp the soup! Sometimes, i go for the normal slice fish version.

Glad to know he is home now. =)

Sue Sue said...

I hope your hubby is getting better now. Maybe should take more rest at home.

singairishgirl said...

precious moments - I'm not very good at making Chinese tonics. ;) Well, it's his first time and he has no prior experience. And also, he was actually sitting down so hopefully it's just a one-time thing. Thanks for your kind regards.

daphne - Oh you must try this soup! It's very tasty. I hardly go for fresh sliced fish with this dish. In fact, it's only in this dish that I eat fried fish. I prefer steam fish normally. The soup softens the crust of the fish and it's really nice.

sue sue - Thanks for your concern. He's got a couple of days to rest then back to work on Monday. I think it's boring for him to stay home. Haha.

Big Boys Oven said...

Wah looks so delicious man!

singairishgirl said...

big boys oven - You bet!