Saturday, January 12, 2008

The party - part deux

We had the second party last evening at Safra Toa Payoh. Princess was really excited about it. All her classmates were invited. Some kids had to cancel last minute as they had fallen ill. It IS flu season and the latest bug is one which attacks the throat, and that is what princess succumbed to last week. Apparently now, me and hubby are both coming down with it. I'm glad party season is over, well, at least on my part. Hehe. And after this year, I am not going to do anymore large scale ones. It's too tiring. A sign of aging? I shudder at the thought. People who know me well, know that I love parties, planning them, and having them. There are simply not enough occasions to have them and maybe it's because I am unwell but I really can't imagine planning another party. Haha.

It was with regret that I had to pick a Friday evening to have the party but it so happened that it was the actual day yesterday. The traffic jams along the PIE, and rain made it worse. And being a Friday, people were rushing out of the office or heading into town to shop, party, etc. I had initially planned on a weekend party but I missed the booking by mere minutes. I was calling the wrong number till someone eventually answered the phone and some parent who called before me got the Saturday slot. Shucks! I'd like to thank K for getting me the booking using his membership. Thanks much.

There were 3 caterers to choose from and we went with Kate's Catering who had 'party packs' on their menu. I made some pasta for the kids, fried broccoli & corn, some fishballs courtesy of Aunt Nana, jelly made by mum. Thank you all.

On the menu, we had -

1. Traditional Fried Rice with Crab Bits
2. Fried Bee Hoon garnished with Lettuce
3. Fish Fillet in Sweet and Sour Sauce
4. Mild Curry Vegetables
5. Japanese Tofu with Vegetables
6. Chicken Satay
7. Macaroni and Cheese
8. Broccoli, Baby Corn and Crabsticks in Oyster Sauce
9. Fried Fishballs
10. Konnyaku Jelly

Baked cuppies in the morning and had P and her boy J over for breakfast so no time or energy to prepare lunch. Cooked some Japanese rice, and put some seasoning in it and put them in mould to shape. So that was princess' lunch.

These are pics of cuppies in case I couldn't get them photographed in the evening. My camera doesn't do well indoors. So I wasn't taking the risk.

Time for cake... thanks Uncle Joe for lighting the candles.

Here's the birthday girl blowing out the candles on her cakes.

Last but not least, thanks to everyone, for making the effort to attend the party. Thanks to P for ferrying the drinks in the boot of her car. ;P and hope all the kids had a great time. I know princess did. Thanks, too, for all the wonderful presents.

For those who had posted comments in the past few days, I'm sorry, I will try to reply soon. And little corner of mine, thanks for the award. Will claim soon. Meanwhile, I need a break to rest a little after all the upheaval of the past two weeks. See you soon.


Little Corner of Mine said...

My god, two huge birthday parties, no wonder you need some rest. No worry about the award, just claim it when you are well rested. This year must be a memorable birthday parties for your princess, she sures had lots of fun.

beachlover said...

wow!your princess have 2 Bday Party??.She is a lucky girl wt a Mama like you.No wonder you're tired!!.I dunno if I have the energy to do as nwhat you done but in states we don't have that much friends and relatives..Did you make the cupcake yourself again??..Look pretty and cute:)

singairishgirl said...

little corner of mine - Hehe, C, yup, no wonder. :P Yes, you're right. She had plenty of fun and this party was the best she said. She had her classmates to join in and it's great as they see each other everyday and this year is the last year they will all be together.

beachlover - Oh wow, you are lucky then if you don't have so many family and friends. For us, the list just grows longer every year haha as we make more new friends. Well, first party was tedious but second party was nothing. I wasn't even flustered. Didn't bake cuppies till morning itself and took my own sweet time to prepare pasta and only last minute as we were about to leave the house did I fry the veg. Haha. Yes, I made the cuppies again and everyone loved them. But this time more work, but also I had more time to begin decorating them. Previous ones were mostly covered by printouts so was good for lazy me.

trevshanhann said...

Glad the party was great and princess must be soo happy... Happy Birthday again to princess.Btw let me know when i can drop the present by...

singairishgirl said...

trevshanhann - Yes, great success! One child even wants to have his party there and everyone of them had a great time. Thanks, will let her know. Present ah... never mind lah... can wait. My goody item still with the godma so I hope to get them from her so when you come can exchange hehe.

Jori said...

Looks like a great place to have a party. I bet she had a wonderful time - I would too, and I'm a fair bit older than her.
You take care of yourself now - get some well-deserved rest!

singairishgirl said...

jori - It was a wonderful place and self-entertaining so the parents just had to mingle about and enjoy dinner, etc. She had a great time. Oh, you can't go in there. Hehe... adults not allowed. :P I thought I could rest but I thought wrong. We're all sick and princess was half asleep all night from a stuffed nose.

Beau Lotus said...

Happy 6th Birthday to Princess again, sorry we had to miss out on such a fun-looking party, Baby Girl would have loved being there. Ah all that fish balls, satay etc...

And my what nice-looking cuppies, that's one thing I haven't really tried my hand at, will have to go get a si-fu to teach me one of these days!

singairishgirl said...

beau lotus - Thanks dear. Yes, I'm sorry too that I had to ask you last minute. I wasn't sure as you were leaving soon that you'd probably be tied up with family n friends. They would have enjoyed themselves much.

Aiyah don't need si fu. You are so smart can do it yourself. I also didn't learn from si fu to do that. Of course going for the class did teach me some stuff. Just buy the piping bag and the tip that's it. ;) Huh? I thought you did T's cake no?

Beau Lotus said...

Of course I did T's cake. So ugly it's obvious, isn't it!