Friday, January 18, 2008

The Spreader of Love Award

My very first award of the year from littlecornerofmine. Thanks dearie. Love it.

This blog has been awarded The Spreader of Love Award created by The Love Blog, for an outstanding demonstration of blogging love.

Now, I would like to spread the love by forwarding this award to my fellow blogging friends:

The artist princess
East meets West
Oh for the love of food!
HK Choo's Jottings of Life
A teaspoon N a pinch


Beau Lotus said...

Wait till the Hub hears this. He'll wonder why I have so much difficulty telling him I love him but should get an award for spreading "blogging love"...LOL
Thanks, D, for sharing your love and once I've gotten over my return I'll see about spreading some myself :-)

Maya said...

Yeh2! *Jumps ard with new award* Thanks yah...this is better than E oscars!:D XoXoXO!

beachlover said...

congratulation:))...we all need LOVE!!

HK Choo said...

thank debra for this, i've posted it duly and passed on the baton :)

singairishgirl said...

beau lotus - Hahaha. You're welcome. You deserve it.

maya - Lol, better than Oscar's? But you are not an actress! Rofl. You're most welcome.

beachlover - Thanks, and congrats to you too. :)

hk choo - Oh thank you for spreading the love.

Barbara Doduk said...

Another delicious blog. Glad to see my award shiny on here.

B @ The Love Blog
The Love Blog