Friday, January 25, 2008

Light Cheesecake

I've been yearning to try out this recipe ever since I saw Big Boys Oven blog about it. They looked so light and fluffy. I had a bit of a resistance initially after someone commented in their blog that it didn't turn out well at all. However, after chatting with the boys, I decided to go ahead with it and try it out for myself.

Being lazy, I mixed the A ingredients so that'll save me having to wash up the mixing bowl for whipping of the whites. I almost gave up actually, as even though I mixed in a little of the liquid at a time, the mixture was starting to curdle a bit, towards the end. However, it sort of got ok after I added in the dry ingredients.

The cake turned out nice and slightly sweetened, not overly sweet. Somehow it looked so different from BBO's. And doesn't look one bit light and fluffy. The texture was light yes, because of the mousse, but somehow I believe theirs was softer. However, it was still a success. :( I'm not sure if to use normal baking or fan-forced oven. I usually bake with the fan. Let hubby try a piece and he asked if I baked it or bought it. Hehe. Said it was nice.

Ok, why the cake in the loaf pan looks so brown is because the inside wasn't cooked so I had to leave it in longer. I tried to adjust the temperature and it wouldn't work so had to move the pan to a lower rack.

Just wanted to overturn one of the cake I made in the Hello Kitty mould. How cute, except that it's now upside down. Haha.


Little Corner of Mine said...

How cute! And the imprint turned out nicely!

HK Choo said...

wah, congratulations to get back into action :) can see that you're cooking and baking up a storm, not to mention, blogging as well :D

singairishgirl said...

little corner of mine - Yes, it did huh? Cute.

hk choo - Glad you noticed. Haha. Back with a vengeance, to make up for the past week lor. Right after I complained about not being able to cook n bake, he got discharged so hehe, back in the kitchen for me.