Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The wheels on the bus go round and round...

A hastily thought up bento made with mashed banana and chocolate rice sealed sammie, kueh lapis acting as the windows of the school bus, hamburger biscuits for the wheels and an assortment of fruits.

My initial plan was to make a simple, non-decorative bento and just dump everything in the box, all boring. But just as I lay the sammie down to rest and placed the 3 pieces of lapis on top, a sudden thought of a bus came to mind.

Placing the fruits was easy enough, but had to rack my brains on what to use as the wheels. Saw some hamburger biscuits nearby and decided to make use of them. I did think of making cheese animals but as it was already 6.05am, I didn't have time on my hands. Looking through my latest sets of picks, I found these animals which worked out perfectly as the bus driver and passengers on my school bus. Decided to spell out the word bus using smoked cheese.

As today is Racial Harmony Day in Singapore, I had planned to make a bento in that theme, but didn't plan it well enough. However, I think it worked out pretty well with the animals. They are showing racial (species) harmony by living together... a panda, rabbit, lion and elephant? It doesn't happen in the real world, but we could always make believe.

This is how I filled my sammie. My initial plan was to spread nutella over the slices and add mashed banana, but had totally forgotten that I had run out of that. Thankfully, thinking on the spot, I remembered I could use some chocolate rice, and it worked out fine. Still a chocolate banana combi at the end of the day. The scents were so yummy it made my tummy rumble.

Happy Racial Harmony Day! Remember to wear your orange ribbon for the month of July. :)


Angeleyes said...

banans with chocolate.... YUM!!!!

Susan Yuen said...

I love this! Super cute bus with all of the animals!