Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bento for the girls

I have to admit it's been a pretty long time since I woke up to make bentos early in the morning. When the alarm went off at 5.30am today, I pressed the snooze button once (buying myself an additional 9mins of sleep), and that was the most number of snoozes I allowed myself. Any more, and I'd be in trouble. I was responsible for 2 girls' meals today and no way was I going to fall back to sleep. J's mum had so kindly offered to make my girl a bento yesterday and knowing that she is tired from waking up early in the past weeks preparing bentos for her girl, I offered to prepare 2 bentos for her girl this week. With eyes half-closed, I made my way in the dark to the kitchen and turned on the toilet light so some light would come through while I went about assembling the ready items in the bento, such as the yummy chocolate croissants and sushi.

When my eyes got accustomed to the light and I had awaken a little more, I put a pot of water to boil while I cut the legs of the octopus on the cocktail sausages. Ever since friend pointed out that I should not give the girl too much sausages, I have cut down a lot on that. :) However, just last week, Princess asked for octopus sausages, so I decided to give them one each here. I stored both in Princess' box as the box for her bff is pretty small. They contain mostly the same stuff except J gets more apple while my girl gets a combination of cherries, blueberries, strawberries and apples. They have a piece of Laughing Cow cheese each and to finish their meal on a sweet note, there are 2 milk bottle gummies each, as well as Hello Kitty chocolate balls, not forgetting a mini pack of Milo.

I hope they both enjoy their bento, and look forward to doing them another each on Thursday. :)


Lia Chen said...

Milo just perfect with those yummy bento for your girls!

Little Corner of Mine said...

I like the Hello Kitty chocolate balls, cute!

SIG said...

Yes Lia, they were very full by the end of their meal and finished everything in their boxes. :D

lcom - Yes, cute right?