Friday, July 30, 2010

Squirrel bento

Princess came home with 2 slices of chocolate bread from her playdate yesterday. They were so pretty I had to do something with them. I recently got hold of a set of cookie cutters and have been wanting to use the squirrel one. I think it is perfect. So pretty, although it kinda looks more like a skunk now haha. The bit on the nose was there by chance. Didn't realize I had cut off a bit of the chocolate part of the bread thus it worked really nicely for the nose. I punched the nose and mouth out of nori and just placed them on. Dragonfruit was cut for yesterday's bento so putting this all together was easy peasy. A piece of Sirotan cake fits nicely into the little section on the top right. I also included an apple in case the bento is not enough for her.

Have a happy weekend!


Angeleyes said...

Great job on the Squirrel!
Oh yeah, I saw these cake bread that have 2 tones too but never buy any before. Maybe should go buy a loaf and try!

SIG said...

Thanks A! Yes I know the cake bread you are talking about and have seen them, but this is two tone bread not the cake bread type. Quite nice n soft texture.