Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mini Onigiri bento

The idea behind this bento started here. While Angeleyes made little apricots and cut her bread using her round cutter, I didn't bother with mine. All I did was to cut the skins away. I did a trial run last evening for the princess and discovered that they turned out to be more triangular in shape than round. I guess for a round shape, I really have to use the cutter.

These are pretty cute and they are the perfect shape for onigiri. Don't be fooled by the size of them as they are equivalent to 2 slices of bread even though they are tiny. Princess' onigiri breads are filled separately with nutella and peanut butter (she doesn't like the floss) while J's ones had nutella and seaweed floss (she doesn't like peanut butter). Haha. These little breads took almost 20mins to prepare. From cutting the skin, to spreading them with filling, to forming them and decorating with seaweed. They took up the bulk of my preparation time but thankfully everything else was easy to put together. They were worth the effort as they turned out super kawaii.

I have included meatballs, seaweed chicken, fruits, hamburger biscuits and some little seaweed star puffs (which are kept in the little container). I hope the girls like their bento today. :)

Princess has a chat session with her form teacher at recess today so hopefully she gets enough time to eat. That was her reason for requesting a bento for today. I must be in a bento making phase and it's all thanks to J's mum who has inspired me. Let's see how long this will last, me waking up at 5.30!


Angeleyes said...

How did you mold them till they turned triangular????
I must try that myself one day!!!

SIG said...

I don't know, A, it just came together like that haha, maybe it was the way I was holding the clingwrap in my palm?

javapot said...

cute, lots of variety.

Lia Chen said...

Cool! Now we can shape the onigiri bread too :)