Thursday, July 8, 2010

A pool outing

Teriyaki chicken rice balls for the kids, sausages with kyuri and cherry tomato skewers.

Two rice portions for the adults with the addition of baby corn which I was clearing from the fridge. I steamed some corn on the cob and packed them together with cherries, grapes and blueberries. Everything was done in 5 portions, one for each of us.

Wassants divided by sea-themed animal barans. Seeing that we were having a swim date, it kind of tied in with the water theme. :) Below are spoons with identification 'tags' so we wouldn't get confused.

The second week of the new term school term began with the Youth Day holiday for all school-going kids in Singapore, or rather most of them, since some private kindergartens don't practise that.

We made a date with the godma and the godbrothers for a morning of swimming at grandpa's condo pool. The weather was really good to us and we didn't get too tanned even after almost 4hrs spent in the pool.

I prepared some food and the godma brought along buns from Breadtalk. I'm glad that our date was delayed by an hour, and that allowed me to make a more elaborate bento. Really love this picnic bento set from friend for my birthday. Have used it twice and am sure will find more opportunities to use it in the future.

We had a wonderful day, which ended with a trip to Scoop of Art for some ice-cream and artwork.


Peony said...

that's a wonderful tip for using those colorful ties to tag the spoons.

I used to tag wine glasses during X'mas parties, now will tag my forks/spoons too, heehee.

SIG said...

Haha, Peony, thanks. And great you learnt a tip. ;)

Angeleyes said...

I just digged out those ties over the weekend and am thinking how to use it in the bento! hehehehe