Monday, July 26, 2010

A beautiful Monday

It is a very beautiful Monday morning and we couldn't ask for better weather. The breeze that is blowing into the flat is so chilly. The rain is not heavy thus is perfect. Unfortunately the night wasn't so good and I was awoken by an irritating car alarm that just went on and on for approximately 10mins. Hubby got me to call the police and while I was on the phone to them, I could hear a man down the road on the phone as well, informing, I would assume the police, the address here. Looks like we were not the only ones irritated by it. The time was 3.20am, and after that I couldn't fall back to sleep for over an hour as I nursed a terrible aching left ear as well as a blocked nose. I'm not having a cold or anything. It's when the air quality is bad that I suffer from it. Thank goodness it is not bento preparation morning. I did pick up some cutters over the weekend and am excited to use them. I'm also on a roll after fixing so many bentos last week which got me started on a bento frenzy. Spent the weekend going through my bento books from cover to cover. I just love browsing them, not just to get ideas, but also to marvel at all the wonderful creations by talented ladies out there.

I'm waiting for the doctor to open so I can get my ear and nose treated and hopefully sleep better tonight. :/

Susan got me excited about Pillsbury Buttermilk biscuits and I spied a couple of bottles at Cold Storage last week but as they were near the expiry date, I didn't pick one up. I failed to see them yesterday when I went again. Instead they had everything else like pizza dough, crescent rolls (which I got), cinnamon rolls, and breadsticks. From Susan, I learnt that the biscuit dough is very versatile and you can prepare lots of stuff with it. Hope they bring in some stock soon. Meanwhile, I will just make some basic crescent rolls aka croissants and see if they taste good.

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Susan Yuen said...

I hope you are able to get the biscuit dough! Thanks for the mention!