Thursday, July 8, 2010

Off to the movies

There is a backlog of posts, for the simple fact that it's back to school and on top of that, the fact that hubby was away in Spain, left me with less time to come online. I spent the week cleaning up my entire house very thoroughly, dusting the books and bookshelves, changing bedsheets, and finishing up my laundry to make space on the laundry line for hubby's dirty clothes when he got back.

We visited the cinema a few times during the school holidays and on one such trip there, we smuggled in some snacks of our own. We weren't stopped at the entrance and nobody even asked to see our tinbox.

I love this Hello Kitty tinbox which reminds me of the time when I was a kid. The HK on the box is the original 1970 HK which we grew up with, and is the one closest to my heart.


Lia Chen said...

Oh my! Love your HK tin box. Can fit so many things inside. Where do you get that?

SIG said...

Hi Lia Chen, is from Sanrio shop in Singapore.