Friday, July 16, 2010

Domo Kun

This mummy did a boo boo today. :( In my excitement at dressing my girl up for school, I actually forgot to give her pocket money for recess. Was expecting a call from her and indeed she did call me but at 10am, when recess was over, to say, 'mummy, I got no food to eat'. Oh, oh, I had realized my boo boo earlier in the morning but what could I do? If she had called me earlier I could have told her to borrow some from her teacher. All I could do was tell her that I would make her a big lunch. She said ok and hung up the phone.

The school had a dancing competition today and they were to perform line-dancing. I woke her up earlier than usual to do her hair, tied a bandana round her neck and put a cowboy hat on her. They were to go to school in jeans and PE tee. I think it's fun for them to dress casual to school once in a while. There is another dressing up day next Wednesday. It is to celebrate Racial Harmony day.

My girl has been asking for curry rice and since I have not cooked it in quite a while, I decided to do that to make her happy, hoping it will take away my guilt at causing her to suffer from hunger. ;)

Fridays leave me with limited ingredients that I can work with, but digging in the freezer, I found one lone fish nugget which I decided to use, and a box of Sea Shanty's which was perfect to make a Domo Kun. And what could be easier than Mr Domo, which by the way, is the first time I am making him. The sea shanty is a perfect shape for it and all I needed was the red of the crabstick for his mouth but unfortunately I didn't have that, so I cut out the pink of the two-toned kamaboko instead. The teeth were also very easy to do. Below Domo kun lies a flower-shaped white rice and surrounding that is broccoli florets. I made the fish scales using young corn which I cut into sections and then in half. Fish eye was cut out of white kamaboko and eye ball punched out of seaweed. There is pasta tossed in butter and tofu fishcake below the fish, and some cherry tomatoes on a pick. The orange container holds the curry sauce and I also gave her a treat of prawn crackers on the top left. Apples complete her meal. She enjoyed everything and wiped the box clean. :)


Beau Lotus said...

This is one of the prettiest that you've done!

SIG said...

Thank you, S, I love it too. :)

Peony said...

ya, this type of booboo happened now n then.

when my girls were still schooling, I put an angpow/envelope (with some money) in their file for emergency like this.

u r getting better with ur bentos.

SIG said...

Thank you Peony. :) Yes, I shall do that. Was thinking put emergency money in purse but guess what? Purse was left at home.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Wow at the detail of your bento. I don't think I can be a bento mom.

Angeleyes said...

Poor girl has to go without food for half a day. Agreed with Peony. I intend to do that next time... may be hid it in one of the pocket in the school bag... :P

Btw, this bento is the most awesome by far! You are getting better everyday!

SIG said...

Thanks Angeleyes! :D yes I will do that with her. In fact she packed it herself this afternoon, dunno which part of bag she kept it in hahah. Have to ask her.