Thursday, July 29, 2010

3 bears bento

We planned a playdate after school yesterday with a kindy friend of Princess', since she didn't have to stay back for extra class. I offered to make bentos for the kids and though exhausting, having spent 2hrs on preparation, I'm glad I managed to complete them on time. It is my first time making these bears. I had a tough time at first, coming up with a theme. Planned to make a boy bento and two girly ones, but in the end, decided that bear was the best for all. It made things easier for me seeing that these two mums made them recently, so I chose to use theirs as guides. Angeleyes made a teddy while Lia Chen made doggies, but they are generally the same shape. Thanks to them, it made my job all the more easier.

The 3 bentos contained mostly the same things except Princess' one had some fried breakfast noodles to cover up the gap, and T's one did not have mangoes as the box was too full. There is a cocktail bear each in the boxes as well as dragonfruit, carrots, cherry tomatoes, chicken and some sweeties.

We had a fun time at their house and the kids couldn't bear to part with each other. It's been a long time since they'd played together. We used to go over to their place for playdates but since going to primary school, this is the first time it has happened. We also hope to plan a sleepover but that will need proper planning, and having to find a time most suitable to both parties. Look forward to more playdates in the future. Thanks J!


Angeleyes said...

Well done!!!!! Great bentos with lots of goodies!!!!
See, you managed to do the sausage bear using the longer sausage!

SIG said...

Thanks for your encouragement :D yes, I've seen these done on other blogs so first time trying it out. Friend's helper was so fascinated by them and was trying to figure out how to make cocktail bears hahaha.